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Touching and heartbreaking scene of a dog refusing to leave partner's side

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 24, 2012 | Comments (5)

Male companion pats his dead mate in China

Sad and touching photographs from China captured a heartbreaking moment of two street dogs. The devoted pair were walking through Quanzhou, in southeast China, when the female dog was accidentally hit by an oncoming vehicle. The male dog lay by her side and patted, barked, and licked her body until a passer-by moved the female dog's body out of the road.

Scene of heartbreak for two Chinese dogsHeartbreakingly, the loyal dog continued to stay by her side. Locals in the area said the two dogs were thought to both be strays and were always seen together, although the photos show the dogs did have collars.

One resident in Quanzhou reportedly said: "They are together all the time. Usually it's the wife that runs out first followed by the husband. It was horrible and unpleasant to see that the dog didn't make it, and touching that her partner didn't seem to want to leave her behind."

Eventually, the body of the female dog was removed by a sanitation worker. But even after she was taken away, the male dog still refused to leave and remained in the spot where his mate last lay. 


Male companion refuses to leave dead companion's side

via Daily Mail

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Comments on this Article

Oh the male dog lived...Bless him then with a loving happy home.
I wish they told us what happened to the surviving dog. God please shine your light brightly on the lil dog that survived please find her a loving happy home.
poor baby I am so sad now! I thought that the picture was of a dead PERSON not a DOG omg I am scared for life that poor baby what an idiot whoever killed him :'(
Breaks my heart :(
where is the female dog now...did someone come to claim her and take care of her...................... :=(
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