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Dog gets around with four bionic paws

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 19, 2012 | Comments (7)

Nakio the amazing bionic dog

Naki'o is the world's first dog to be fitted with a complete set of prosthetic paws. They work naturally to allow him to run, jump and play like any other dog. Naki'o lost his paws to frostbite as a puppy after he was abandoned in the Nebraska winter by his owners. He was adopted by vet technician Christie Tomlinson. As he grew, Naki'o had difficulty getting around on his stubs, resorting to crawling on his stomach. So last year Tomlinson decided to get him prosthetics. Denver's Orthopets created two for the dog, and after seeing how well he did with them, made another two for free. It's really amazing to see how he jumps and moves around with his new feet!


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Watch more about Naki'o and how he came to get his special prosthetics.


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Comments on this Article

You are a rockstar.
What an amazing show of LOVE.And a Beautiful dog.THANK YOU FOR SAVING ONE OF GODS GIFTS.YT
Christine that is fantastic how well your dog did on those paws. You could tell how happy he was. I can't wait to see how well he does. Please keep us posted here.
Tina would a cart work for your dog? You can get one of them for about $400. I was surprised at the price. I thought they were lots more. If they would help you with that then you'd only need half.
Tina, I really hope and pray that your little baby gets all the help he wants. Cross fingers and God Bless
>Tina, Where can I send a contribution! I think that $200 is a nice start to getting your buddy help. What would it cost to avoid the amputation?
OMG!I so wish I could get this for my Duke.He was hit by a car 3yrs ago,the vet said he had swelling on the brain,kept him 2days,put him on iv fluids,he told us that he may or may not regain use of his front leg.Well he did not.The result is that he has a lame paw,to which we wear a boot on,so that he doesnt scrape his toes on the ground.The only option we have been given is to amputate his leg.Since I have no job,and humane society can only help with 200.00 dollars toward operation,I really hate to do it anyway,since I know there are other options,I just keep hoping something will happen for us to make this possible.Getting him a prosthetic would be a dream come true.Please know that I take him to vet as needed,and they always do pain testing,to which he never reacts,but one vet told me that she seen a dog who ate off his tail,because of tingling sensations.I constantly have them prescibe antibiotics,because his toe got broke open,and he constantly licks off the creams,etc.we put on it.
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