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Dogs separated by Fort McMurray fire find each other again in “miracle reunion”

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | May 15, 2016 | Comments (1)


Two little dogs separated during Fort McMurray fire found each other again at a rescue evacuation centre for animals.

The dogs met by chance after becoming separated them from each other and from their family. One dog was seriously traumatized by the events and was being looked after by Karen Allen a veterinarian in Edmonton, Alberta.

She took care of the small black and white spaniel cross when the dog arrived in the middle of the night after being rescued from the terrible wild fires.

Allen said the dog was seriously depressed after being treated for fever and diarrhea. Allen nicknamed the dog “Sweet Pea” and said she wouldn’t eat or drink, which concerned Allen.

A few days later, and “Sweet Pea” had not yet perked up. That changed when Allen took her for a walk one night.

"I was taking her out for a walk past the dog ward in the middle of the night, and this little black and brown dog just went wild when we started walking by," Allen told CBC News. The other dog had a name tag “Scrappy”. Sweat Pea perked up too.

Another volunteer pointed out the two dogs must know each other. It was later determined they came from the same home, but volunteers still don’t know their names, ages or where their owners are.

“It was really incredible,” said Allen. “We all had goosebumps and there were people crying. We were all very tired at that point. It made everyone happy. It was a bit of joy we needed right at that moment."

The dogs are being kept together and both are so happy to be reunited. Volunteers and Allen are hoping the dogs’ owners contact the Alberta SPCA to reclaim the sweet friends. 

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Omg.....are they both ever adorable...the black one looks like a Doxie. Was the owner ever found ?
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