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Recently rescued dog saves new owner from carjacker

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | May 02, 2015 | Comments (1)

This is why rescue animals are the best! A dog rescued just two weeks ago by a woman in Villa Roca, Georgia, returned the favor when she scared off a would-be carjacker.
Connie Davis was not far from home when she stopped at a stop sign and a man got into the passenger seat of her car, punched her in the face and demanded money.  She said she didn't have any but he told her he knew she was lying and took her wallet and told her to drive.

The mother told Fox 5 News that she thought she was going to die. But the man got a shock of his own when Dixie, Davis’ newly adopted Labrador Retriever began growling in the back seat.

Dixie then lunged between the car seats and bit the man on his lower forearm, Davis described. Thanks to Dixie’s heroics, the carjacker  immediately got out of the car and ran away.

I'm sure Davis is incredibly happy to have such a protective new dog!

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So the next time you see a dog up for adoption at your local shelter or rescue and you get that feeling about the dog that everything is perfect? Maybe it was meant to be for some unknown reason in the future. Good girl Dixie. I hope you gave him a good infection with those beautiful chops of yours. I hope they gave you some doggy breath treats afterwards to help you get the bad taste out of your mouth. All joking aside, I am very glad that the both of you got out of that incredibly dangerous situation with only minor injuries. I hope the authorities can quickly get the criminal off the streets before someone else gets hurt. Thank you for giving Dixie a good home. Well done Dixie.
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