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Police officer stops and saves the life of distressed dog who just lost a friend

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 04, 2014 | Comments (3)

Richmond Police Officer Karen Spencer-Boyles slammed on her breaks when she saw a dog in the middle of a busy road sitting next to another dog, who had been hit and killed by a car.

The dog was obviously upset at the loss of his friend and refused to leave his fallen companion's side.

Officer stops to help brokenhearted dog on side of road
Officer Spencer-Boyles stopped to help an upset dog who just lost his friend. Photo: Michelle Carrington

Fearing for the dog's safety, Officer Spencer-Boyles went to assist him. She could tell he was scared and broken-hearted and she feared he would be hit by a car if she didn't intervene.

She told WTVR in Virginia, "You could just tell he was scared. He just looked helpless. It’s kind of like if you had a friend and your friend had been hurt. He just stood by his friend.”

A woman who works nearby saw the officer's act of kindness and took a photograph. She was impressed by the officer's actions.

"A Richmond city police woman stopped because a dog was hit and his friend was beside him barking," Michelle Carrington. said. "She stopped and got him out of the road and soothed him."

Officer Spencer-Boyles

Officer Spencer-Boyles said her own dog, Tex, was hit by a car a few years ago and if a Good Samaritan had not stopped and helped, Tex could have died. She knew she couldn't just drive by.

Officer Spencer-Boyles waited by the side of the road with the dog until Richmond Animal Care and Control came and picked him up.

They're calling him Guiseppe and believe he has a family. The young dog is neutered and wearing a flea collar. He will be held for 10 days before being put up for adoption. (Anyone who knows who "Guiseppe" should call 804-646-5573.)

"The one thing about dogs, is they’re always there for you,” Officer Spencer-Boyles said. And on this particular day, she was there for Guiseppe.

Dog saved by Richmond police officer may have an owner


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Comments on this Article

Sara, so sad about that dear dog, only 6 yrs. old and grieved herself to death. How people can say dog's don't have real feelings or they are just in the moment, is beyond me. They remember! Officer Spencer-Boyles is a hero. God bless her for stopping and having enough compassion to realize the dog was guarding its friend.
We took in a 6 year old German Shepard whose owner was an elderly woman and she was going into a nursing home where her dog could not be. So we took Raisin in and gave her a home. After a few days I knew something was wrong. She refused to eat or do anything. After a week I took her to the vet. The vet said she was grieving herself to death. Pretty much told us there was nothing we could do. We tried and tried to get her involved in our family, took her outside to play and tried all the normal treats and even real people food. Still nothing. After 2 weeks she could barely get up on her feet and she died. Just died. I was heart sick. She was such a beautiful dog who truely loved her owner and grieved herself to the point of death.
I certainly hope that Guiseppe finds his home. This is another example of a dog showing emotions, in this case grief. It's so sad that the other dog had to die in such a horrible way. Thank you so much Karen Spencer Boyles for saving Guiseppe's life and giving him a chance at a new home if he can't find his original owner. Well done.
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