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Actor Liam Neeson comes to the rescue of stray dog being abused in Central Park

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | March 19, 2014 | Comments (17)

Actor Liam Neeson is known for being the hero and taking on the bad guys in his movies, but according to ShowBizSpy.com, he recently took on some bad guys in real life. Apparently, he was out jogging in Central Park in New York City when he heard a woman shouting that some teenage boys were stoning a stray dog to death.

According to the Show Biz Spy, the actor ran over to the boys and confronted them. An unnamed source recounted what happened saying, "Liam yelled that they’d better stop or he’d knock the crap out of them – but the punks just swaggered up and warned him to mind his own business. In a fury, he warned them to back off fast – or else!"

The source also said the boys backed off, but it was likely due to the sight of an approaching cop. Afterwards, Liam is said to have comforted the injured dog while the police officer assessed the animal.

I hope this story encourages anyone who sees someone doing something violent towards an animal to call for help!

Via ShowBizSpy.com

Update: Liam Neeson has denied the story that he saved a stray dog from a group of teenage boys. A representative told the DailyMail that the story reported by ShowbizSpy.com was "not true".

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Comments on this Article

A big fat lie, as low as people who drive the poor horses on the streets of NYC... but then $$$$ speaks, and the insensitive horse carriage drivers who still make horses work even with injuries. Liam will stoop at nothing to defend their vile trade in exploitation of the voiceless, including bullying those who want this banned. ie deBlasio... Please read the comments and help make this a better world... if you love animals - support http://www.banhdc.org/ http://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/de-blasio-s-horse-drawn-carriage-ban-faces-hurdles-1.7441812
Aaron Siering -- A dog was NOT saved. It was a lie. As reported in the news, Liam Neeson admitted he did not do this. Please don't lecture people unless you're up on the facts. Thank you.
I can't believe how gullible people are. You have to be very cautious these days in believing and praising so called "heroes." Liam is not a hero, would condemn carriage horses to a joyless, miserable life here in NYC. He told our great mayor to "man up." Hey you man up Liam.
A big fat hoax, by supporters of carriage horse drivers here in NYC. Liam admits this is a total lie! How low will these people go? VERY LOW!! Shame on them. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2585898/Liam-Neeson-denies-saved-stray-dog-teenagers-throwing-stones-it.html
This is all a total lie as confirmed in the daily mail. a website put out the story in the hope of gaining support after his carriage horse support dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2585898/Liam-Neeson-denies-saved-stray-dog-teenagers-throwing-stones-it.html
OMG - WHAT TOTAL BS. Does anyone REALLY believe this???? This is a set up - this man is a media wh0re and if this happened he would have it on film. This is all because of his stance on carriage horses. Get a BRAIN folks
I love the crazy that seems to accompany animal lovers. That's sarcasm, btw. I never encounter crazy like I have on some of these types of boards.... Look its not impossible to support horse carriages and still stand up against some thuggish youths in the act of torturing an animal. This could even very well be describing me. Now I don't know anything about the reality of lives of the carriage horses so I don't actually have an opinion on that issue other than you two are not trustworthy sources by which to inform myself. Even if you are right let me tell you this. You are your own worst enemies in terms of the public image of animal rights advocates as you don't come across as reasonable, objective or any other way people to be believed. So why not just give Liam Neeson the benefit of the doubt here even you believe he is dead wrong about other things. I mean really what would make you happy if it turned out that Neeson really is the one who likes to bludgeon stray dogs while on a run? That way you could point your finger and say, "see, see what a bastard he really is!" Let's celebrate, instead, the fact that a dog was saved a brutal death and may get a chance at a happy life.
Witnesses? Source? Photos? Nothing? When last we heard from Mr. Neeson, he was blasting Bill DeBlasio for wanting to close down the cruel carriage horse industry. It will take much more than this heresay to change my poor impression of Liam Neeson.
Always loved him....What a great human being..we need more people to confront these punk kids these days..
Liam is Irish to the core! What was the dog's fate?
What happened to the dog now?
After blasting deBlasio on national TV, against the closing of the horse drawn carriage trade in NY city, no wonder. This is probably a set up to try and make out he is an animal lover! No, gone right off him! https://www.facebook.com/BanHDC
Thanks Liam....by the was how is the dog now ?
Wow, this doggie had a guardian angel. Thank you Liam for helping this poor stray. I've always enjoyed Liam Neeson's movies and just saw the most recent one…..he is a true HERO! God Bless.
Good 4 Liam, Good Bless U 4 helping that poor poor dog. What I know of Central Park is that is where the statue of Balto is. Balto is a wonderful true story movie, at least part 1 is anyway. The movie is in cartoon but well worth the watching, it is about a half Wolf & half Husky Dog born in the wild, His Mother was the Wolf, anyway He saved lives of Children by getting & bringing back medicine 4 sick dying kids in Noam Alaska where the dog sled trail is today. I absolutely love this movie "Balto" Animals deserve our respect, They deserve Us, yet We sure don't deserve Them, what a world We have 2 live in. A life is a life no matter what it is. OH, as long as it is not an evil Human being then it has the right 2 Life 2, most people sure don't. If U really studied an animal then U can see it does have feelings and far much more of a bigger heart then any human being could ever have. Look at an Elephant, even an alligator/Croc is very gentle when putting the babies into their mouths and let them go unharmed into the waters. I've seen shows on NGW TV Station on Caught in the act, i think it was where a Hippo saves a baby Zebra from the jaws of a croc and even push it 2 shore out of the water all in the while keeping that croc at Bay till the zebra was safe, I've seen a couple others same idea with the hippos, Wow, the most dangerous animal in Africa can have a heart. Who knew, Right? If People only knew, look at a talking bird even, how smart can they really get & know & then to always remember as well. just think about that 1 For those who are clues to Animals. God Bless the Animals, Wild life included. I pray 4 Them every single day. Stay safe. Amen
I've always liked Liam but now I REALLY like him! Way to go Liam! :O)
Liam Neeson is a true hero and role model in real life, in every sense of the word, not just in the movies.
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