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Puppy with unique nose now looking for a forever family again after adoption falls through

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | February 14, 2014 | Comments (9)

Snuffles is looking for a new home again after arrangements with the family did not work out, according to the UK’s Daily Record.

Snuffles is currently staying with the Dogs Trust in Glasgow, Scotland. His plight went viral after the dog charity said that the puppy was having difficulty finding a new home because of his unusual appearance caused by a rare birth defect.

Snuffles’ nose is split down the center so his nostrils work independently. It gives him the appearance that he has two noses.

The Belgian Shepherd has been at four of the charity’s shelters over the past few months but was overlooked by potential adopters until his story was shared in the media.


The Glasgow Centre was inundated with calls and emails from animal lovers all over the world wanting to give him a home. A few days later, it looked like he had found a home in East Lothian. But the charity said the arrangements "didn't work out".

Despite this disappointment, the Dog’s Trust is confident that Snuffles will find a family soon. They have already received a second wave of adoption inquiries.

Snuffles is a young, energetic dog and would do best with an active family with teenage children. Potential families will be thoroughly checked by The Dog’s Trust.

A spokesperson said, "Snuffles is back up for rehoming and again we have had so many calls already from all over the world. We are confident we will find the perfect home for him soon."

Prospective adopters should contact The Dog’s Trust Glasgow Centre through their website here. And  Snuffles adoption profile can be viewed here.


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Comments on this Article

Just looked on the dogs trust website and it looks as though hes still looking for his forever home. Xx
Any updates on Snuffles? Has someone taken him yet?
I want to give him a forever home sooo bad but carnt get to glasgow, soo sad, if he was closer I bring him home.....forever xx
Ive a dog with a nose just like snuffles, whom I adopted last year and it causes no problem s whatsoever, its such a shame that this gorgeous boy is being overlooked because of his split nose, hope the right person finds him soon :)
@ Richard Monje: So that means Snuffles likely has Catalubron, Pachon Navarro or Andean Tiger Hound (all split-nose breeds) in his ancestry.
Poor little guy. He's been through so much already in his short life. It's my hope that with the media attention Snuffles will find that extra special home that will see beyond his nose and into his heart. Good luck Snuffles I'm rooting for you.
This is NOT a deformity...It is a trait of a Turkish dog called a Catalburun
Praying he finds a loving home.
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