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UPDATED: Puppy with spit nose still looking for forever home

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | February 07, 2014 | Comments (36)

Puppy with two noses needs  a forever home after repeatedly being passed over because of his appearance

A homeless dog named Snuffles is having some trouble finding a forever family because he has a unique facial feature - two noses. The Belgian Shepherd mix actually has one nose which didn't properly fuse together before he was born, so each nostril is separate. Snuffles can move each nostril independently.

Unfortunately, his unique appearance is making it hard for him to find a permanent home. He was only four months old when he arrived at The Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre in Scotland and had previous stays at four other shelters.

Puppy with two noses needs  a forever home after repeatedly being passed over because of his appearance

The center's manager Sandra Lawton told the Daily Mail, "It is such a shame to think that this sweet-natured lad may not find the loving home he deserves just because he may not be considered a pretty pooch." She adds that he is affectionate, energetic and fun-loving. "He may not have been blessed with the looks of Lassie but he has a heart of gold and really can claim to be a dog in several million."

The charity is currently campaigning to help find him a home. If someone is interested in adopting Snuffles they can visit the Dogs Trust website for details.

Update: February 9, 2014

Snuffles received a flood of offers for a new home after people learned he has been overlooked for adoption because of his unusual split nose. But he is overlooked no longer.

After issuing an appeal, the centre instantly received 40 messages and 20 calls from people in the USA and South Africa, as well as Britain. They also had potential adopters drive in person to the shelter. Pamela Jackson told The Mirror, "The eventual new owner took him for a walk to get to know him and they got on brilliantly. He said Snuffles was perfect and everything he was looking for."

Snuffles' new family lives in East Lothian and has a large house on an acre of land. The five-month-old puppy will be going home with his new family next week.

Update: February 14, 2014

Snuffles' adoption has not gone through. The Dogs Trust is continuing to look for a home in Britain for him. Read the latest news here.

Puppy with two noses needs  a forever home after repeatedly being passed over because of his appearance

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Comments on this Article

the Catalburun is a breed with a split nose
I think you will find that dogs trust will not let him go until they are satisfied with the prospective new owner and has seen him a few times where he is in Glasgow ,Scotland ,some of my friends have already to get him with out doing that and it`s a no go..
when i saw this precious pup i almost cried because he has been rejected so many times. i have made a few comments about him. if it's possible for him to be sent to the US i can't pay to get him here but if people would take up pledges to get him here i would love him forever. He would get all the TLC he needs and more. He would never have to worry about being rejected again. i have also saw statements saying he has behavior problems, and all it's will take is time and he would settle in our family just fine. He is to special to keep being rejected. so if there is a chance that he could be sent to the US please start taking pledges and i will take him into our family as one of the family, Like he should be. I pray that he finds his forever home even though i'd love it to be my home.
Actually this d little guy has part of a fairly rare breed called a catalburun.. they were originally breed in Turkey for hunting... they have an outstanding sense of smell because of the split... it's like having 2 noses!!!!!!!
pretty sure had the dog a cleft palate, that'd be noted. it's a known genetic trait, that's all it is.
This dog ,as far as i know is at dogs trust .org at glasgow ,you will not be able to get the dog without visiting him several times.I have already tried that for a friend ,and this is definetely the case .it would seem his problems are caused by not having a settled home.
Hi everybody, I believe the Dogs Trust wants to adopt Snuffles to a home in Britain… It's best if anyone is interested in adopting him to contact them directly for their terms.
i am starting a kickstarter to fund getting this love to the states. i'm a sucker for a pretty face, and he is beautiful.
Get him to Canada and I will gladly adopt him!
If you check out www.facebook.com/mylessplitnosepuppy this puppy also has "this nose" but it IS a genetic defect conjoined with a cleft.
This is NOT a deformity...It is a trait of a Turkish dog called a Catalburun
What is the current status for Snuffles? I'm sure all the other inquiries are being followed up on after the planned adoption fell through...
It seems he is still looking for a for ever home as the one he went to has given up with him,don`t know why .
Wonderful. It doesn't surprise me. Have a great life little one.
Great news! He is very handsome!
I am thrilled that Snuffles has found a forever home! He is adorable and his story really touched me...
Just because he's got a cleft/split nose does not mean he's catalburun. My dog has a split nose and it's from his cleft.
He is a Catalburun/Belgian Shepherd mix. Catalburun gave him his nose. He is very cute!
My hubby and I want to adopt him. He would make an amazing addition to our family
It's no worse than my deviated septum! And if anyone discriminated against me for my nose, I'd sue!
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