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400 dogs rescued from high-kill shelters and flown to new lives

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | October 06, 2013 | Comments (6)


It was called Operation Special Delivery and the operation involved over 50 pilots flying 400 dogs from high-kill animal shelters in Georgia to rescues along the east coast in the United States. Some of the dogs rescued from the shelters were just hours away from being euthanized.

Pilot N Paws volunteers donated their time, gas money and their planes to pick up the shelter animals on Saturday and give them a second chance at life.

The day began with the planes on the ground at a Georgia airport with fog covering the tarmac. But as the fog lifted so did the 45 plus planes with their precious cargo. The rescue organization said it was the largest single-day air and land rescue of shelter animals ever in the southeast.  

Pilots N Paws wrote on their Facebook page, "We're on scene at the Midcoast Regional Airport in Hinesville, Georgia and our pilots are ready to make history and set a record for the largest animal rescue flyway event in US history! We'll be flying over 400 animals along the east coast to new homes and areas where they will be adopted quickly!"

Here are two of the dogs who were flown to a new rescue to find homes.

After 36 hours and thousands of miles traveled, all the dogs were safely transported to awaiting foster families and rescues. By the end of the day the animals had arrived in Florida, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Virginia.

One of the pilots, Ellen Herr, flew 11 dogs - 10 mixed mixed retriever puppies and an adult Chihuahua - to Naples Humane Society. She said the dogs make excellent passengers, "They go to sleep! Usually within 10 minutes everyone is asleep," she said. All her special deliveries, and the hundreds of other animals are expected to be adopted in the next few weeks.



Volunteer pilot rescues his 1000th dog

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Comments on this Article

Thank you Thank you soooo very very much for saving 400 dogs!!! The best thing that anyone can do!!!! I wish that something can be done to pay those people back...and to keep doing this kind thing again!!!! Lets find a way!!!!
This is such an brillient thing hat you people are doing its great news to be hearing this god bless you people and the dogs safe flights to you and the dogs x
this is so amazing and God Bless you all for doing this. All animals are so dear to my heart and this is such a touching story. It makes me feel so good that there are people like you all out there in the world. Thank you so much for rescuing these babies!!
I too want to live a life like of these good Samaritans ! Kudos, Bravo, Thank you, every word is incapable of showing my gratitude !
That's just fantastic ! This dog lover applauds you ! Very well done indeed. I would love to hear more about how this was organized. I wish everyone of you safe flights and clear sky's. I hope everyone of the dogs find good homes. This put a big smile on my face.
The BEST story I've read in an age. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful :)
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