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Wild horse saves young horse from drowning (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 09, 2013 | Comments (5)

When a wild Stallion named Champ was crossing a river with his family, a filly got in trouble. The river's current was too strong for the young horse, and she began to be swept away. That's when Champ came to her rescue and the moment was caught on camera. Champ is part of Salt River Wild Horses in Tonto National Forest in Arizona. 




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Comments on this Article

I was just driving through that area today. I didn't even know we still have wild horses around here! Awesome!
I wish I could see wild horses anywhere near here! The wildest thing we see are sparrows
I have raised horses for many years, I have to state the following...Stallion; Male horse, Gelding; Male horse that has been castrated. Mare: Female horse. Filly: young female horse. Foal: Very young horse of any sex. The Foal here in the photos was a "Foal" not a filly. A filly is usually older and more mature. I know not all are called this and there are other opinions on the matter. REGARDLESS, the photos are great, and show that horses are more intelligent than a lot of people give them credit for. Good work anyway, and a wonderful story.
What a beautiful compilation of photos. Champ recognized that the filly was in distress and understood the danger of the water. Champ understands what drowning is and made sure the fillies head stayed above water in the only way he could. Way to go Champ. It's kind of relaxing to see horses just being horses in the wild. It makes you wish we had a better world for them. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful story, beautiful pictures. The two stallions looked like they could be brothers. Maybe that's why they respected each other. Who knows, but it sure is great the filly was rescued. I think animals remember far more than we give then credit for so maybe, in the future, these two families will remember Champ's heroic save. :0)
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