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Man frees wolf trapped in barbed wire fence (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 27, 2013 | Comments (18)

When Rick, his son and a friend see a wolf caught in a barbed wire fence by the side of the road, they stop to help. Rick uses wire pliers to unwrap the metal wire around the wolf's foot until he's freed, saving the wild animal from a life or death situation. Video contains Mature language.



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Comments on this Article

go ahead all you "HATERS" and think all you want about how Bad the Wolves are. Your time will come too, when your own "MANKIND" takes away your "ONLY FOOD SOURCE" and you will have to kill someone else's Heard of Cattle to eat to survive. "IDIOTS" !
Hey Mary Le May....wolves were around before humans, we encroach on their territory, not the other way round, in fact, prolific human breeding far outweighs the breeding time of wolves. Humans should not dominate the planet unless we protect all other species that existed before us.
Good men :-)
To Mary Lemay: if that hunter abandoned his beagles and all but one was found then the hunter is the one who caused his dogs to be killed .. wolves only do as nature intended man is the one who kills relentlessly,wastefully and needlessly ... place ur anger and hate on the proper perpetrator THE HUNTER (MAN!) thank goodness and kindness that these two men were kind enough to stop and save this beautiful innocent creature ... how heartless of u .... thank u gloria i agree with u ...
To Mary Lemay:: Wolves act on instinct, this is how God intended. They do not murder. Hunters murder.
I absolutely love wolves. I they they are such amazing animals how they take care of each other.
Humanity at its best. And never leave home without that Leatherman Tool. You never know when it might come in handy. And Mary, don't be such a naive Yooper. Those poor Beagles were abandoned by their Yooper Huntsman owner. One lone survivor was found by animal services with a tracking collar. When the service tracked down the great white (Yooper) hunter he told them he had no intent to come and reclaim the poor Beagle. OBTW, wolves don't "murder" dear.
Good job guy's. I like how they took the time to unwrap the wire from the foot. For every ones information that isn't a barbed wire fence.
Real men eat quiche too! What a great thing they did!
If this wolf had been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he would have been shot on site!!! They are responsible (and this is DNR verified) for the murder of 5 hunting beagles!
holy crap - i thought it was farmers but those were just two random dudes who stopped to help! double extra helpings of good karma on them!
How awesome! Thank you guys for helping the wolf. Well done.
Aw! That poor wolf! So glad there are people who still care about animals. Well done!
God bless you. It's nice to know that there are real people in this world that are not selfish, have big hearts and put others before themselves. Thank you so much.
What great guy's to do this for the wolf. I take my hat of to these kind souls :-)
Sometimes.......People are marvelous.
KUDOS guys! Poor baby, wonder how long he was trapped like that? Hopefully not too long, looks like he wasn't injured too badly by the way he was running but you never know. When an animal is scared it can endure lots of pain to escape. Thank you good Samaritans!!! We need more people like you in this world. :0)
Way to go guys. There's a little less suffering in the world because of you. Well done.
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