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Photo of boy rescuing his dog during floods in Manila goes viral

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 21, 2013 | Comments (6)


A young boy carries his dog during Tropical storm Trami, which has flooded Manila. Photo: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

Families have seeking shelter after monsoon rains have flooded Manila for the past three days. A photo of a boy carrying his dog, while making his way through the flood waters in a metro area of the Philippine capital, went viral and highlights the plight of nearly 300,000 people displaced from their homes.

Financial markets suspended trading and most banks and private firms were closed as a month's normal rainfall fell in just one day. The flood waters submerged 50 percent of the city on Tuesday. Today, water levels dropped, but about 15 percent of Metro Manila is still flooded.

Flooding in Manilla August 2013
Photo: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

The heavy rain took many by surprise and has killed 15.

Tropical storm Trami, also brought high winds of of 95 kph near the centre. It is expected to move towards northern Taiwan later this week.

Read more about the monsoon here.

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Bodies of dogs and cats are being found, and dogs have been found left chained up outside homes that have been evacuated… remember there are well over 10,000 strays in the city of Sarajevo alone… With the worst flooding in over 120 years the government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina has declared a state of natural disaster.  Animal rescuers all over the country need our support in their rescue efforts – very few have cars, and fewer...
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Comments on this Article

It's hard enough walking in water as it is, let alone with a dog on your back. I hope that they both made it to safety. I'm not sure but I believe that September is one of the worst months for tropical cyclones in that part of the world. I hope that its a mild season for them and no big ones make landfall. It's sad but I believe that the death toll has risen to 17. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their homes, and my condolences to those who have lost love ones.
Unfortunately as the effects of global warming become manifest there will be many opportunities for people to save animals. I suppose its like Helen Keller said: the world if full of suffering, but its also full of the overcoming of suffering. It's just that the overcoming of suffering seems less poignant when the suffering was self inflicted in the first place.
I know right! This website is a blessing! :) Keeps the good vibes alive!
I have watched this in the news. My house was affected by the flood too but my experience is really not that bad like others who became homeless, so I have donated clothes for them. Other animals like dogs,cows,goat were dead because they cant rescue them. My two dogs and one cat were safe.
Wow, I had no idea monsoon season was that bad there.
<3 this warms my heart. I love this website. I love knowing that despite all the terrible things you read, people still care.
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