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Off-duty animal control officer rescues dog being dangerously towed on highway (PHOTO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 16, 2013 | Comments (51)


An animal control officer returning home from vacation spotted an unbelievable sight when driving behind an SUV on the highway.

Nicole Hubbard was returning home to South Carolina from a vacation in Florida with her boyfriend when they spotted a dog in a very dangerous position. The beagle mix was inside a small airline crate attached to the rear bumper of a Dodge Durango. The vehicle was traveling 70 mph on the highway in Georgia and the outside temperature was 94 degrees and climbing according to Nicole's car's temperature guage.

To make matters worse, the crate was positioned directly behind the vehicle's exhaust.

"We thought, 'Surely, they don’t have a dog in the back of it,'" she said. "But when we got up next to it, there the dog was," Nicole told the Daily News. "I was just amazed that somebody could be that uneducated of the dangers with that dog being there," she said.

Nicole alerted the state highway patrol, who told her an officer would be dispatched to stop the vehicle. However, when she called again a little while later, they said they didn't have an officer to send. So Nicole and her boyfriend trailed the Dodge Durango for two hours until it crossed into South Carolina. Nicole then called the cops again, but this time a highway patrol officer arrived and pulled over the car.

"They were wonderful," said Nicole. It was not clear if the driver was issued a summons, but Nicole hopes the driver learned something from the experience.

Photo from Facebook/Nicole Hubbard



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Comments on this Article

There are times when I feel ashamed walking on the same earth as these people. I don't see why this idiot couldn't put the crate in the car and if he's worried about the dog walking around then leave the dog in the crate. Why can't idiots just stop for a second and think?
They really shouldn't have animals at all , crazy!!
Clearly this man should have had the dog inside the vehicle inside the carrier. I wish the rest of people would take a look at all the animals that ride inside their car and realize that they need to use that common sense and quit letting their dogs ride on their laps while they drive. Seems like some worry more about the animal being happy instead of them being able to drive carefully. SOTSS.
There companies that sell products and advertise them for it. It is a DOG. Leave it at home if you cannot put it in the car. But don't tie it the the bumper like in National Lampoon's Vacation.
and here https://www.google.com/search?q=dog+box&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=4jAaUp2TPO-r2AXntoHYAg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=818
Look here https://www.google.com/search?q=dog+trailer&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=Vi0aUsPrEc782gWxn4CoBA&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=818
I really hope those incompetent idiots driving the car were not allowed to have that poor baby back.
I just don't understand that persons thinking... I could never put my beloved animal in that situation. Very sad indeed!
I will travel like that with my husband, but my dog!! NEVER!!! Always by my side!!!
Lorainne this company is based in manila philippines -they eat dogs there, do you really think a company in country were that egregious act is prevalent would care about the welfare of animals ?
for those that care-- i found a site that has the statement Karlen mentions: http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/18077797/tow+hitch+receiver+mounted+cargo+carrier+folding+4+x4+offroad
I cannot believe that someone would even think of doing this to an animal. It is as bad as reading about Mitt Romney strapping his dog on top of the car. They evidently don't give a you know what about their animal and think more about their "material stuff" being safe than this poor little dog. Unfortunately, there are many other morons like her! Makes me so mad!!!!
I've already started contacting companies asking if they advertise the use of their products in such a manner linking this page to my message - we will see ...
I looked for some time including show dog web pages for cargo trailers including what looks like a very similar product from carpod cargo - No where do I see any mention of uses "towing pets" if there is such a company that actually advertises such a product I would like their company link and the reference to the products use - I will make it my mission to have them remove that use - personally I find it hard to believe that a company would considering abuse case and liability issues.
Dear John Z, perhaps you and Chris missed my quote where I informed you and others that this hitch IS actually sold here in America and advertised for towing pets. So much for your guarantee. So its intended use, while not solely for the purpose of towing pets, is sold so that you may. Sadly common sense is not common for all otherwise we wouldn't need ridiculous warnings on packaging. These people obviously missed out on that gene. Perhaps a good salesman convinced them this was okay. I don't know the answer. I'm thankful the dog is safe and very thankful to the girl who helped. I completely agree that just because this product was available to them it was absolutely wrong to use it as such. Chris, I don't have the answer to "why is it no big deal" to tow a dog. I consider it a big deal. I have the common sense not to do that. I don't share your belief that someone wouldn't put their child behind to tow them either. I don't like to see anyone riding in the bed of a truck though. Too scary.
I guess the link won't work but yes, he used to strap the family dog to top of their station wagon where it traveled on family trips. One time it rode there for 12 hours and got sick. That incident happened in the 80's during a trip from Boston to Ontario I believe.
...didn't Mitt Romney do something similar to this?...
IDIOTS!!! I hope they took this poor doggie away from these morons! The poor dog was in the heat, subjected directly to exhaust, and in danger of being crushed by any car that pulled up too close. I traveled across country with my little dog, and SHE would ALWAYS have a spot INSIDE the car. It's the other STUFF (not a living animal) that got packed on top of the car. My pets are treated with dignity, respect and safety, unlike the poor doggie in this picture.
Point of order: Males in news stories are typically referred to by last name. Why wasn't Officer Hubbard offered the same respect? She surely did something deserving.
Thank you Nicole! There is a special place at The Bridge for souls such as yourself....you must be an excellent ACO!
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