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Truth behind photo of horse apparently coming to the rescue of drowning blind dog

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 02, 2013 | Comments (11)

horse rescues blind dog

A horse named Agripin had been swimming near the waters of the Danube River when he noticed a dog drowning and in need of rescue.

The small blind dog named Abby had slipped off a nearby dock and drifted far from the river bank. She was unable to find her way back to shore. So Agripin swam out to the small dog and offered her a ride back to shore.

The river was relatively shallow, so Agripin could stand up in the waters. Sensining help had come, Abby climbed on Agripin's back and rode back to shore.

Agripin's water rescue of the small dog amazed his owner, who had been watching from shore.

The story above is a wonderful story, but turns out to be completely untrue!

This photo and accompanying story is circulating heavily on social media at the moment. (The earliest mention appears to have been on KeenK9.com in November 2012)

However, Raili Kokko posted a comment on DogHeirs to let everyone know that the dog is not blind and wasn't rescued by the horse. The two animals are obviously pals, named Brenda Lee and Lucy and the beatiful photo was taken by equine photographer Jodie Sinclair.

The Facebook page Horses Know the Way Home has noticed that the photo has gone viral and is amused by all the fictional accounts. They humorously joke, "How many lives would Brenda Lee and Lucy save together as a team, this Summer?"

They posted another photo of Brenda Lee and Lucy to their Facebook page with the hilarious caption below:

"A deaf Shire horse rescues a blind Yorki trying to save a drowning Belgian woman who was swimming in the Ourthe River southern Belgium."

"Aren't animals great!!!"

Horses know the way home

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Comments on this Article

What a beautiful story!
That's what is called a"Dog and Pony Show". I just love this website!!! I could sit for hours and look at pictures and read the stories.......
That's better :-). Thanks Ellen for introducing them "for real".
In the top picture what type of St. Bernard is that on the back of that Zebra? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that the Danube river was in Australia? Just kidding! Beautiful picture though. I agree with SeniorLass, and I like her new profile picture.
That's hilarious but it is sad that people will make up stuff to get attention. There are enough true hero stories out there without inventing them.
OK so just read the post from Raili. I like her version much more!
So the dog's owner was watching his blind dog drown?
@ Raili LOL! That's hilarious. I kind of suspected this was fake, but thought it was too cute not to share, and I could not find any record of the original photo. Too bad it's not true. But knowing the truth doesn't detract from the fact the photo is still adorable. I'll add the facts to the story!
The horse's name is Brenda Lee and the Yorkie is her best friend Lucy. Neither is blind. Please... Read more about them at https://www.facebook.com/HorsesKnowTheWayHome Picture is taken by equine photographer Jodie Sinclair And Danube River doesn't run even near Ukraine.
Simply beautiful. Humans should learn this quality.
And people want to say that animals are dumb and have no soul. Animals are smarter than most people and love unconditionally. They are the true angels.
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