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Man saves coyote caught in barbed wire fence (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 31, 2013 | Comments (29)

This coyote was in a desperate situation - caught in a barbed wire fence with no way of escaping -  until this man comes to free him. The man persists in trying to get the coyote untangled, until he finally succeeds. When the wild animal runs off the man notes that although the wild animal got cut and scraped, when the coyote ran away it seemed fine.



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Comments on this Article

He's scared to death, but helps him anyway! I bet the road runner is to blame!
What a kind act......and brave.....heroic actually
Thank you so much for saving this Coyote that appreciated your help!
This man is my new Hero! Most would have left him there to die. He took action and saved it's life. All I can say is Bravo!
Well said Mackenzie! <3
thank you sir! you were so patient and gentle with that frightened coyote! thank you for being brave and courageous in a world where few choose to face that kind of instinctual fear and not giving up even when forced to get so close. thank you for taking the time to search out exactly where you needed to cut and cut the least amount. and for being aware that you needed to back off at times to let him figure out he was getting loose. you truly are a thoughtful, kind and amazing soul and a wonderful good Samaritan. God bless and thank you
Poor little guy was so scared. : ( Thank you for saving him! : )
Look how scared the poor thing is! So happy he freed him.
God bless you, Kind man!
How can I find out if this man is single?
Many many thank yous to this wonderful man for rescuing this little coyote. That coyote KNEW you were helping him and his posture showed he knew that and would never have harmed you. If you know who this brave and kind hearted soul is I'd love to know. I am a coyote rehabilitator! My heart is uplifted to see one of these magnificent dogs rescued not killed!
Thank you kind, kind, man <3
Such a brave soul to risk getting hurt himself in order to free this poor creature. God know how long it had been there and how much he had hurt himself trying to free himself. Thank you Good Samaritan, being one is not only meant for people, it's meant for all God's creatures. God bless you and he DOES appreciate it in his one "coyote" way ... :0)
Thank you, Sir! You are a good man. :)
You saw a fellow creature in need and you helped him. You did not give up. God bless you.
All I could say was, "God Bless You" over and over to this man, while watching this!!! That was so sweet and I loved it!!
Thank you for taking the time to make a huge difference to an animal.
It's hard to imagine the slow death this little life would have endured if nobody cared or made the effort to free him. This man showed us that a little time and effort was all it took to free this little life from that suffering. Well done.
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