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Paralyzed dog takes a few steps after not being able to walk for 5 months (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 24, 2013 | Comments (8)


Hank takes a few tentative steps after being paralyzed for the past 5 months much to the joy of his family. He had a freak accident jumping into a car which resulted in spinal swelling. His guardian, Molly Lich Williams, says that the vet gave him a 60/40 chance that he will recover enough to walk.

She writes, "He has what's called IVDD which is basically spinal swelling. Most dogs recover. They regain sensation from the back to the front, which means full use of his tail will come first. Then he will be able to stand on purpose. Then regain full control of his bladder and bowels. Then He will walk."

Hank's walking has apparently improved even more in the days that followed, according to a comment Molly made on her YouTube account. 

You can read the full story behind Hank's injury and road to recovery at tgimolly.blogspot.com.



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Comments on this Article

Our Tater suffered loss of mobility as well. Our vet prescribed Adequan to help him along. 8 injections, two per week, after the second injection he regained partial mobility...without pain...he had a severe arthritic onset at the age of 1 1/2 years old...tooo young to put down...he is our love and doing well...something you might check into for Hank...aliveates all pain while healing...Brave little guy...Thanks for sharing.
Great.. Hank.. hey guys you all should watch the entire video posted.. .. you posted us your welcome to your new place video as well.. did you know that?
The dog is obviously in pain. Until he recovers he needs a wheelchair.
My dog has the same thing. Try laser light therapy. After two sessions of it, she showed improvement. Now she is fully recovered, like she never had the disease. Never give up!!!
Aww, sweetheart!
I wonder if Hank's condition would benefit from water therapy. Perhaps it would help him with motor control and prevent the muscles from atrophy. You may even be able to get help with vet bills. I wish you and your family the best and hope Hank makes a full recovery soon.
Wonderful Hank! You're going to be fine!
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