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Police officer rescues abandoned Chihuahua nursing kittens

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 09, 2013 | Comments (5)

a chiihuahua is nursing two kittens

A police officer came to the rescue of an unusual trio over the Fourth of July weekend when he found a Chihuahua nursing two kittens outside of an animal shelter.

At first Officer Steven Johns thought the dog was nursing her puppies. "I looked and saw two little balls of fur with her and I thought it was a couple puppies,” Officer Johns told the local Dallas CBS station.

kitten nursing a dog The mother had been tied to a pole next to a cardboard box with the two 12-day-old kittens. He took the three abandoned animals out of the heat and gave them food and water.

"I went to move them into a cage and moved the mama dog out of the way ― much to my surprise mama dog is nursing two kittens instead of two puppies,” Officer Johns said.

The three animals were very lucky to have had Officer Johns spot them when he did. Had he not, they would have been alone for days in the heat, as the shelter was closed over the weekend.

The mother dog is now tending to the kittens' every need, cleaning and nursing them in the comfort of a foster home. 

“She didn’t care what species it was. All she knew, she was a mother and these were babies and they needed her,” said Deborah Franklin, a foster mom with Paws Patrol Pet Rescue, who is taking care of dog and cats until they are ready to be adopted.

Deborah said she plans to name the male kitten "Stevie" in honor of his rescuer.

If anyone is interested in adopting any of the three, they can call the Paws Patrol Pet Rescue at 214-580-0103.



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Comments on this Article

We could learn so much from animals! What a beautiful girl looking after her kitties 🐢🐱
Love this story - the photo looks like a min-pin - not a chi...wondering >who was feeding the animals IN the shelter -- perhaps all the animals were sent to fosters over the weekend; hope so. Hope it was empty.
I truly love this story. Been hearing about so many bad cops who shoot dogs, this is special , and he should be recognized for his kindness. Thank You Sir, from all animal lovers.
Actually, it says they were left outside a shelter. But it was the weekend, and the shelter was closed. They couldn't wait 2 days?
So sad that anyone would do that .. tie a dog to a pole with two little kittens. WHY don't these people just drop them at a humane society or shelter for animals? Thank God for people like Officer Johns!
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