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Teenager saves family dog from cougar attack (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | May 23, 2013 | Comments (3)

A lab survived a cougar attack and had to get 100 stitches

Sixteen year old Levi Sadler knew something was terribly wrong when he heard his Labrador Retriever make a horrible scream outside of the family home in Belcarra, B.C. He looked out his window and saw Daisy being attacked by a cougar. Springing into action, Levi jumped out of the window to try and scare the big cat away.

He told CBC News the experience was frightening. "It was terrifying, like a scream you hear in movies, coming from a dog," he said. "When I looked over, the cougar had its mouth completely around her neck. All I saw were Daisy's legs kicking and screaming." 

His screaming initially made the cougar run off. But the mountain lion returned and jumped straight at him. He described, 'It almost clawed me. I felt the paws pass by my ear. I thought he'd cut my jugular to be honest."

Levi managed to escape by throwing himself back through the window he had crawled through, but knocked his head on the floor. "My blood was pumping so much. I wouldn't have even cared if I was hurt. I was trying to get Daisy out of there," he said.

The cougar finally ran off when Levi's dad came running out after hearing the screams. 

Daisy survived the attack. She was cut up pretty badly and required 100 stitches, but is recovering with her family thanks to Levi's heroic actions.



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Comments on this Article

Levi ... you are an awesome person. We at Broken Paws South Africa salute you. Thank you so much for being who you are ... it helps in some way to restore some faith in humanity.
I watched this already on the local news. What a very dangerous situation to be faced with. I'm very glad that both Levi and Daisy survived this encounter. I don't know to much about cougars, but wonder if something like an air horn might be a good tool to use to scare an animal like this off.
Levi you are a true hero, I know that Daisy always knew that and now we know too. Bless your courage and the love for your sweet girl, hope you both heal quickly and that they find that cougar and remove it to another area. It has become familiar and will probably attack again.
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