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Homeless man asks for help after his beloved dog stolen

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | May 16, 2013 | Comments (7)

A homeless man is looking for his beloved dog who was stolen from him
A homeless man is asking for help to find his beloved dog, who was stolen from him.

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A homeless man is asking for help after someone stole his beloved dog. "The dog was all that was important to me," said James Bryant.

James lives in Hudson, Florida and Handover, his 5-year-old Pit bull was a gift from his late wife. She died last year from breast cancer and had given Handover to James to keep him company.

"He's my life. He was the only thing I had left over from Jane when she died," he told Fox Tampa Bay. After Jane died, James lost the farm they lived on, his car and all his belongings. The only thing that has stayed by his side is Handover. "Handover is my best friend. He's my heart and soul," James said. "If anybody sees him, please bring him home." 

Handover was stolen from his homeless owner

James was sleeping on the US 19 with Handover when the dog disappeared. James sleeps with Handover tethered to his leg, but when he woke up on May 8, Handover was gone.

James is concerned that Handover may have been picked up by dog fighters, and is praying he is safe. 

Carolyn Texter, who volunteers with animal rescues in the area, met James in March. She said she's watched James pay vet bills for Handover with the money he collects and is helping James with his search for Handover. She's set up a Facebook page Help Find Handover and has collected a reward to encourage the dog's safe return. She is hoping someone knows something that will help Handover reunite with James. 

Handover was stolen from his homeless owner

Handover is a 5-year-old unneutered male. He is a blue Pit bull and has white on his chest and a few of his paws are slightly white at the tip of his toes. He was last seen wearing a large, wide red buckle style color attached to a 36 inch chain.

Handover was stolen from James while he slept on the night of May 8, 2013. He was last seen in Hudson, Florida, at the intersection of US-19 and Beacon Woods Drive.

A reward of $810 is currently being offered for his safe return or for information leading to his safe return.  If you have information about Handover's whereabouts, contact HelpFindHandover@gmail.com or call (727) 378-9755. Update: May 23, 2013: Handover has been reunited with James. Read more here.

via Fox Tampa Bay



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Comments on this Article

The dog that was discovered chained to overpass on busy street in texas looks just like "Handover" the dog that someone stole from the homeless man in Florida.
There are some people out there that put all people who fall on hard times into one group. They will say all of those people are either drug attics, alcoholics, or criminals. They will tell you of there own bad experience and then stereotype anyone who falls into this category as bad. By doing so they demonize anyone who might fall into financial hardship, unforeseen circumstances, or bad economic times. They will use this to rationalize theft, or violence against some of the most vulnerable in society. Remember that bad things do happen to good people. James I hope Handover is returned to you unharmed and in good health. You have my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your wife. May good luck and prosperity find you.
i pray you find handover James my heart is with you both.
i pray you find handover James my heart is with you both.
A young unneutered male pit is a the most wanted by those scumbags who are into dog fighting. Someone must have seen something but doesn't want to get involved. I don't believe in breed legislation of any type but until bully breeds are no longer the prized fighters as they have been. There must be a law require them to be spayed and neutered. Penalized those who refuse or are caught with a non neutered and spayed bully breeds. I know. I know. Then those scums will move/breed the next breed of fighters. We may not stop them completely but we can drastically reduce the chances.
Poor Handover! Poor James! Praying they will be reunited! Praying the police will step up their investigation to locate this stolen dog!
How someone could stoop so low!!! This world is not getting better, that's for sure, when a wicked person could take the only thing left in a man's life. I pray they did not take Handover for dog fighting, which is the first thing I thought of. I hope everyone puts this on their FB page to help find Handover. :O(
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