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Smart dog helps save four children from fire and leads them to safety

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 22, 2013 | Comments (5)

Hector alerted a family to a house fire

A sweet dog is being credited with saving a neighboring family from a house fire in Niles, Michigan on Saturday. When Hector began barking in the middle of the night and wouldn't stop, his owner Meagan Shell knew something was wrong.

Meagan and her husband got up to to look outside. "When he started barking at first, that's when we knew something was going on," Meagan told ABC7 News. Hector, who appears to be a pit bull, ran by her side to the neighbor's home to see what was going on. Meagan described, "All of a sudden we came around the corner and we saw smoke coming from the house next door."

Hector helped save a family from a house fire

She called 911 and moments later she saw four children rush out of the burning home. As soon as Hector saw the kids he stopped barking. Meagan directed the children to grab onto Hector's collar and not let go. She then told Hector to 'go home' and he immediately guided the children to safety.

"I have never seen him react like that," said Meagan. "He was on a mission, he wasn't trying to hurt anybody, he was trying to help."

Hector guided 4 children from a house fire to safety

Meagan said the family was alerted to the fire by Hector's barking and there was no doubt in everyone's mind that the fire could have been much worse had it not been for Hector's alarm. "He is a really good dog for doing that and now I know that no matter what he will always keep us safe," said Meagan. 



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Comments on this Article

Hector, you're my new hero!! <3
And the cops didn't show up & shoot the barking pit bull on sight! Good job all around.
Time to to start preparing a meal fit for a Hero, with seconds. Good boy Hector you saved the lives of a family. I'm glad everyone made it out ok.
Way to go Hector!!!! Good dog is strong indication of the love and care of its owner. Congrats on a great job you have done with Hector, Meagan and family.
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