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Brave dog alerts woman to stalker armed with knife and duct tape in her home

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 11, 2013 | Comments (6)

Oreo helped save his owner from a stalker

Laura Bolen's 2-year-old dog alerted her and her boyfriend to an armed stalker in her home early Thursday. According to Kalamazoo County sheriff's investigators the man broke into Laura's home armed with a knife and duct tape and hid in her bedroom. 

Laura had gone to a hockey game with her boyfriend, a Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officer, on Wednesday night. She left her miniature Schnauzer, Oreo, in his crate while out. The pair returned to her Texas Township home at 1:30 a.m and when Laura went to let out Oreo out, she noticed a dog biscuit in the crate that she had not put in there.

Laura told MLive that she immediately knew something was wrong by the way Oreo was behaving. "The second I opened the crate, he ran out barking like he does at strangers," said Laura. Oreo ran barking downstairs to her basement and her boyfriend followed. Moments later he shouted at her to call 911.

Fortunately, her boyfriend had an off-duty hand gun and restrained the man until police arrived. Police took the man, who appears to be a co-worker of Laura's at the US Post Office, into custody. Investigators also said they found a GPS tracking device in her car, likely equipped by the man. 

The co-worker appears to have been stalking Laura for some time. He is being held in custody pending his arraignment.

"I'm always really nice and really trusting, and it doesn’t pay to be nice," Laura said. She is shaken from the ordeal, but thankful to both Oreo and her boyfriend for coming to her rescue. "If Oreo hadn’t gone downstairs, I would've gone right to bed and thought everything was alright," she said. Laura has had Oreo since he was a puppy and he is considered a member of the family. 


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Comments on this Article

Wow you had two good things going for you.. one, the dog alerted you and didn't eat his biscuit... AND... your boyfriend is like an officer... right on... perfect 2 things to help you .. wow... right on! I am glad things went well and that he is arrested. I hope he goes to jail a long time. AND IT does pay to be nice and friendly with everyone else.. it is just some of them are not as good as this stalker.. but... regardless keep the way you are... don't change just because of this stalker. I know how difficult it can be. I have been stalked before too.... but trust me... I would rather keep being the way I am than to give in and be angry/distrustful of others. I am happy you are safe and in good health after this ordeal that could of otherwise gone awry.
This is amazing. Dog's are so intelligent. Great job Oreo! :') x
It's such a shame when we develop such a useful technology like GPS, that is so useful for so many things from rescue to logistics, that someone will show us the bad side of it. Well done Oreo, you saved the day. I'm glad that Laura and her boyfriend are ok. For the sake of our mothers and daughters, throw the book at him!
Omg, what a scary story! Thank goodness the dog alerted them, and her boyfriend was able to restrain the creep!
Way to go Oreo!!!! Good job of saving Mom!
Good job, Oreo!!!! extra hugs, petting, and of course treats and people food!!!!!
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