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Photo of loyal dog in his deceased owner's truck touches hearts

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | April 06, 2013 | Comments (16)

Photo of a loyal dog in his deceased owner's truck

A son posted a photo of his deceased father's dog on the internet and the picture has gone viral. The touching photo shows the dog lying in an old tow truck that the father drove home every night.

The father passed away last June, but every day since the dog named Wiggles insists on getting in the truck, as if he is waiting for his owner's return. The son says that truck is still used several times a day to help move cars around an impound lot.

Reddit user AmericanBulldag writes, "Whenever someone is in the truck he gets in and goes for a ride around the yard. If no one is in the truck he will go to the drivers door and bark until someone lets him in. We have to pick him up and carry him out of it when its time to go home."

Wiggles appears to find comfort sleeping in the Driver's seat and is upset when he gets taken out.

The son revealed that Wiggles was at the side of the bed in the living room when his father died. "He never left the room for the month dad was there. We had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom."



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Comments on this Article

The dad was the world to this doggie....this is very sad but It teaches us humans a lesson on how dogs love unconditionally and are forever loyal. Its wonderful that this family allow the doggie to grieve his companion. God Bless this family. .
Thank goodness the owner has a caring family who is willing to keep the dog and accommodate him as much as possible in his grief. Often times the families will not care for the animals of dead loved ones and they end up in the shelter for a time, crying and miserable and then get euthanized. A big thank you to the family that holds onto this beloved dog of the deceased owner. You have a great heart.
such a sweetie. Loyalty for sure. Poor lil wiggles. <3
What a sweet story. It makes me worry about my mom though. She has 4 dogs and idk what I will do with them when the time comes. I don't even want to think about it.
Such love from these little four-legged kids. He is adorable and so very devoted. I hope he will eventually be able to cope with his grief.
Oh my goodness... what a touching story. Thank goodness he has people around him that respect his grief and his connection to his owner. Please keep in mind folks that many dogs like Wiggles lose t heir owners and are taken to the pound. Elderly dogs without families need love too. :)
Oh my gosh that actually made me cry, so so sweet x
Poor Wiggles, so sorry for your loss and the families loss! You are so devoted. Your day will come when you can run and play with your owner again, when you cross the Rainbow Bridge.
This is so heartbreaking. Poor Wiggles.
Wiggles needs more hugs and cuddles now. She is such a devoted and loyal friend! Poor poor Wiggles! <3 I pray she will be comforted!
I'm blubbering and crying and stammering right now...animals are so awesome
So sad ,its made me cry .hope wiggles is o.k.
Such love and loyalty.. Poor lil wiggles..how is he coping?
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