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Selfless dog makes nightly trip to fetch food for her family

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | January 20, 2013 | Comments (21)

a dog in Brasil helps provide for her family by fetching food

A dog named Lilica has a special devotion and sense of duty to her family. She provides for her extended family by venturing two miles away each night to pick up food specially prepared for her and the other animals in her family, so that they have food to eat. This smart and loyal dog has been sharing her food with her family every night for three years.

Lilica lives in a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil. She lives on the site with another dog, a cat, chickens and a mule, along with Neile Vania Antonio, who found Lilica abandoned as a puppy and took her in.

A woman gives a dog food every night to take back to her animal friends

Every night the dog makes her way to the home of Professor Lucia Helena de Souza. She travels miles along a busy highway road to meet with Lucia. Lucia, who takes care of 13 stray dogs and 30 cats, has developed a special routine with the dog. Lucia prepares food and puts it in a bag for Lilica and then meets her every night at 9:30 pm. Lilica eats some of the meal and then carries the bag back to the junkyard to feed the other animals.

A woman gives a dog food every night to take back to her animal friends

Lucia said, "I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag." A neighbor pointed out Lucia that maybe Lilica wanted to take the rest of the food with her. "Then we tied it up and took the bag and gave it to Lilica. From that day on we do it," said Lucia.

A dog travels every night to pick up food for her animal family
Lucia (left) with Lilica and Neile (right)

Lilica gently picks up the bag and travels back home to deliver the much appreciated dinner. Neile said that Lilica has been making her nightly meal delivery for three years. She said that Lilica is a special dog. "People don't do that. Some people hide and do not want to share what they have with others. She did not, Lilica is an exceptional animal."

Note: the video below is in Portuguese.




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Comments on this Article

I just read this article and would love to help out some way. Did anyone ever find an address for Lucia? If so, can you post it on this forum?
You can find me on Facebook ( Linda Diaz ) I want to help out Lucia ( professor ) and lilica the dog who takes food to her buddies, please help me find their address so I can help! Thanks
If anyone can help me get the professor address ( Lucia. ) I would greatly appreciate it.. Please help me get lilica and her friends some help, I want to donate and help out so please help me get their information !
Can someone direct me to an address so I can help this professor who makes a bag of food for lilac the dog who travels thru dangerous traffic just to get her playmates at home food. ?! I would love to help this professor or the owners of lilac, so please if anyone can get me contact info you would make my day!! I feel compelled to help this dog and her family. !
How amazing and selfless of Lilica. However I do fear for her safety walking all that way and busy roads. Why can't a family member accompany her? The more I learn of dogs the more I realize just how precious they truly are. We can learn so much from canines.
WOW! We could all learn a lesson from this sweet animal!!!
Praying that some folks will intervene and do something about feeding Lilica without her having to walk so many miles just to get food! Is there an animal welfare society in Brazil? I am sure there is! God protect Lilica and the professor and bless them!
Its great to live in a world where we have such animal loving people, all the best to you and Lilica from Sam in Britten.
what a lovely story lilica is so loyal
God bless Lilica and Lucia. What a blessed story.
A dog has a huge heart. Tears of joy.
A special dog with a heart of gold. Bless the people who help her!
Wow. What an amazing dog. And people still don't think animals are capable of selfless love, devotion, and compassion.
So selfless. It's incredible.
What a inspiring dog she is! Does anyone know how to get in touch with the woman who gives her food every night? I'm sure there are many out there who want to help with food, spade, neuter, and other medical costs. This story needs to be told in the media to get attention, so people can help them! I love Lilica! God bless the woman who care for strays and providing food for them!
Such God's creature a very loving and caring dog to do this kind of thing and blessed be the person who provide for this dog, i pray for both to have good health so they can continue what they are doing...because not all can do the same.
What an amazing dog. Wish we could help both families somehow. Would love to see the animals get spayed/neutered.
God bless Lilica. Dogs do care for their human families and are so loyal.
oh i cried when i saw this.. so afratd she will be hit by a car.. and that wonderful woman that gives her food <3 if there would be a way to support the woman or the dog i would. a little amount money every month,, together we could help them out !
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