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LAPD Officers rescue and adopt badly injured Pit Bull left for dead

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | January 18, 2013 | Comments (15)

An injured pit bull was rescued by three LAPD officers

LAPD Officers saved the life of a badly injured Pit Bull after he had been struck by a car and left for dead. Officers Hererra, Lancaster and Cohen were heading back to the LAPD Southeast Division on January 10 when they noticed the brown Pit Bull lying on the sidewalk.

They noticed his ribs were sticking out and assumed he was malnourished and needed food and water, so they drove to a nearby taco stand to get him a plate of meat and water. When they came back they noticed he had not moved, and when they tried to give him water he cried. That's when they notice his left leg was very swollen.

Three LAPD officers saved and adopted an injured pit bullThree LAPD officers saved and adopted an injured pit bullThree LAPD officers saved and adopted an injured pit bull

Residents approached the officers and told them he was hit by a car and been lying there for over 5 hours. They had assumed he was dead. The three officers knew they had to help the injured dog and decided to name their new friend "Philly" after their Sergeant. Although he could barely move, as soon as he heard his new name Philly wagged his tail knowing the officers were going to help him.

The officers put him in the car and rushed him to the ER at Advanced Veterinary Care Center where they were told his front leg would need immediate surgery to be repaired as it was badly broken. The officers told the veterinarian they would do "whatever necessary to save him and that he deserves a better life". She agreed and they worked together to help save Philly.

The dog turned out to be microchipped. At first, the officers thought this would be great news for the dog's owners. The officers wrote on the Rescue Philly Facebook page:

"We were excited to hear that he actually belonged to someone and they could be searching for him as we speak. We were mistaken! We found the owner and went to their house in person. We let the owner know about Philly, where we found him and the extent of his injuries. We let them know that he needed to have emergency surgery ASAP. The owner responded with "put him to sleep, we don't want to fix him." Excuse me! Repeat that! No way! No how! We had them sign over their rights to Philly on the spot."

As Philly's new foster parents, the officers called the vet and told her to proceed with Philly's medical care. They all agreed there was no way they could turn their back now on "such a great dog".

Philly underwent surgery and had to get an artificial elbow implant. The surgeons also noticed he had foreign objects in his stomach and removed large plastic pieces and junk from his tummy. Since out of surgery, Philly is slowly recovering. His foster moms say he is a “strong boy” and his tail wags like crazy every time they visit. Here's a video of a visit to Philly at the hospital. Listen closely for the wagging of his tail.

Philly's medical bill has reached an estimated to be around $10,000. The officers are currently raising money to cover his medical costs.

If you would like to help these officers pay for Philly's care, please make a donation:

Please mention Philly in all correspondence.

You can also visit the Rescue Philly Facebook page for more details.

Three LAPD officers saved and adopted an injured pit bull




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Comments on this Article

These officers embody the true spirit and code of honor that comes with the title of being a police officer. They are a true example of what it means to protect and serve. A dog is human's best friend, and its nice to see an example of human returning the favor.
Thank you for taking care of him & thank you for making it easy for us abroad to donate. Love from Spain, Cris
The owners"should have been given a fine for letting the dog get away in the first place and then given a summons that the are NOT allowed to EVER own a dog again! And then to say "just put him to sleep" what kind of POS does that!! This poor dog and to lay there for FIVE hours while these other POS residents just go about there day?!! WTH is wrong with people today? Good thing these caring officers were kind enough to take their time and rescue him. Get well Philly your life will be better now that you are away from that other POS family anyway! <3
Philly is a beautiful pup and the officers are just as beautiful inside for helping this poor animal. I can't understand how people could stand around for 5 hours and not do something for this dog. I would bet that these "residents" would have been seriously doing something if he had been their "family". My heartfelt thanks to these courageous officers for saving this animal. My two dogs and one cat ARE family and get regular doctor visits and are closely watched. Thanks again officers, Would hug each of you if I could.
Thank you officers! This dog will forever repay you for your kindness in loyalty and kisses. Pit Bulls are sweet, loving dogs...contrary to what most people seem to believe. Good luck Philly! Glad these caring souls found you.
Why the hell did the "residents" just leave it and not even do anything? The least they could have done is gone and checked on the condition of the dog. People piss me off.
Seriously what the heck is wrong with people. Like someone else wrote why didn't any of the residents go check Philly out to see if he was okay. The officers that saved Philly are amazing and caring people.
Philly's life is just as precious to him as ours is to us. What you all did must be so rewarding. Not only did you care for him, showing him love and saving his life, but you all adopted him too. No big jackpot lottery win can ever compare to how you must all feel and he will return that love to you all...as for his previous owner I'm glad he's away from him
Look at that CUTE face and those heart stopping eyes.
What the hell is wrong with the "residents" who saw this poor animal hit and didnt' even bother to check to see if it was alive or dead and left it for over 5 hours until the officers found and then decided to come forward and try to pretend they did the right thing. BS!! Thank God He sent along these angels in human form to save this poor animal since these idiot "residents" didn't think to check on it.
Just made my donation thru phone. Good luck Philly Boy and million thanks to yall kind acts officers. Yall ladies are so beautiful inside and out, really, I really mean inside & out :)
First the car that hit the dog just went on his or her merry way. They didn't stop and get the dog some help. The people who witnessed what happened didn't even bother to check the dog. No one bothered to pick up a phone and make a call. That is very sad indeed. What's the first thing these ladies did when they saw the dog, not even knowing he was injured? They went and got him something to eat. Ladies you are not only Beautiful on the outside, you're Beautiful on the inside where it counts, and that's what saved this dog. Thank you.
What a true blessing. Thank goodness the police officers stopped to helped Philly. What.a handsome boy. He deserves.all the love and support.
What compassionate and heroic individuals. Good luck Philly!
Great to know that there are cops out there that do more than harass people and make life harder on people than it needs to be. Thumbs up to the 3 officers. I've donated to help pay for the medical bills. You should help Philly and the officers out too.
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