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Compassionate police officer rescues injured dog and refuses to leave his side (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | January 03, 2013 | Comments (29)

traffic cop helps dog hit by car

When a dog was found hurt after being hit by a car on a highway in Spain, Officer Carlos Sosa came to his aid. The compassionate police officer refused to leave side of injured dog and took him to a veterinary medical clinic for help.

Sadly, veterinarians couldn't save the dog's life and he was humanely euthanized, but his rescuers made sure that he didn't die on the side of the road that night. The caregivers with the dog made sure the dog knew he wasn't alone and felt love and care in his last moment before leaving this world.


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Comments on this Article

I love that compassionate officers get press and can be role models for others. We need a lot more cops like Officer Sosa.
May God bless you Officer Sosa for your undying devotion to a helpless, needing soul. Your truly good heart and soul clearly showed in your unending caring for this other soul that needed your help. Many would have ended this journey you undertook as soon as help qualified help had arrived, but you saw it through to the very end, and for that I am eternally grateful! This precious soul did NOT die alone and afraid, he had an earthly guardian angel in Officer Sosa to stand by his side the entire way. Your actions have truly touched my heart evidenced by the tears and sobs while watching this moving video of one living being doing the right thing for another living being. The things that I've seen during my 35+ years in the animal rescue/advocating scene would scar most people for life if they had to deal with any of it, so to see an officer go to the length that you did is just exactly what THIS soul needed to wake one more day and try to make a difference in at least one animal's life today. Thank you Officer Sosa for being a REAL human being by being there for another living soul, and thank you for giving me a much needed boost to continue with my efforts to save as many living beings as I can! I will NOT forget you...you are forever in my prayers, my heart and my thoughts! God Bless!!
God bless you Officer Sosa for staying with that precious life. So glad she had someone with her and felt loved before she left this earth. You are a loving and compassionate man. Thank you. RIP you sweet baby.
Thank you Officer Sosa.....you are a kind and compassionate man and you should be very proud of it. I will pray that you remain safe on the job and in your home.
thank you mr sosa for staying with this poor dog. i feel that he or she new you were there trying to help. you are a true hero. my dogs pepper abbie and gizmo thank you
I just want to command Officer Sosa for not leaving this poor helpless animal by himself to die alone. Officer Sosa you are a very warm,kindhearted,and compassionate human being and we need more people like you that truly love and care for animals!!! God Bless You Officer Sosa!!!
En honor a este hombre maravilloso, voy a publicar dos comentarios. Uno en Inglés, y uno en español. Gracias Oficial de Sosa por ser un hombre bueno. Usted salvó a un animal inocente tenga que sufrir y morir en la calle y estoy seguro de que está más que agradecido de haber dejado este mundo sabiendo que alguien se preocupó lo suficiente para quedarse con él hasta el final. Usted es un gran hombre y un verdadero héroe. Dios los bendiga, a su familia y todos sus animales en el presente y futuro.
In honor of this wonderful man, I will post two comments. One in English, and one in Spanish. Thank you Officer Sosa for being such a kind man. You spared an innocent animal from having to suffer and die on the streets and I'm sure he's more than grateful to have left this world knowing someone cared enough to stay with him until the very end. You are a great man and a true hero. God Bless you, your family, and all of your animals in the present and future.
I really didn't want to cry today, but you are a great officer and an even better human, Officer Sosa!
I thank you for not walking away,I thank you for your time and dedication given to this defenseless dog, that i wish everyone would take time it just take love like this man took to try to make at least comfortable for him to depart thank you Carlos may god bless you
Carlos, sending you a BIG thank you (HUG) for what you did!! All the way from Los Angeles, California. You are a TRUE HERO my friend!
Makes me cry & smile through my tears. Bless the compassionate people of our world <3
Thank you for being you. You restore my faith in mankind.
I agree Dan Hetland says it all, Carlos you are a truly amazing man, although a sad ending what a beautiful video...
Gracias Carlos Ésta es la Guardia Civil que nos gusta ver (la de las multas no tanto;-) Espero que estés bien. Yo atropellé a un conejo x la noche y aún lloro cuando me acuerdo. Besotes, Cristina
You dear sweet man... You give me hope that there is still good in this world.
God Bless you Carlos, I thank God there are people out there who have compassion for living beings. He did not die alone. Thank you.
a bittersweet story: heartbreaking yet reaffirming. what a kind, wonderful person you are, Carlos. thank you...
Thanks everyone for your comments, I am very happy, you have given me the best gift this Christmas.
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