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Rescued dog from Afghanistan saves owner's life

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | December 20, 2012 | Comments (3)

A dog adopted from Afghanistan saved the life of his owner
A 9-month-old dog named Meatball was adopted from Afghanistan has saved the life of his owner. Photo: Facebook

A dog adopted from Afghanistan saved the life of his owner. Just nine-months-old, Meatball saved Joe McCarty's life when he suffered a seizure. Paralyzed on his left side, the firefighter has suffered four A rescue dog from Afghanistan helped save his owner's lifestrokes. Last week, Joe's wife Kim said Meatball must have sensed something was wrong with her husband and began to bark non-stop. Meatball and Joe were in the basement when she heard Meatball's frantic barks.

"I ran down the steps and when I got down here I saw Joe on the couch and Meatball perched on top of him. Joe was in what appeared to be a full blown seizure," Kim told Fox29 Philidelphia.

A group of puppies from Afghanistan were brought to the United StatesMeatball was licking Joe's face and refused to leave his side. It's as if Meatball instinctively knew what to do. Kim said he has not had any formal training as a service dog, adding "he came from the mean streets of Afghanistan".

Kim and Joe adopted Meatball in August from US soldier Darren Gainer. Gainer had rescued a litter of puppies, including Meatball, and brought them to the United States. The couple from Clifton Heights, Philidelphia, knew immediately Meatball was a special dog.

Meatball senses when Joe is not well and comforts him. "He knows if I am not feeling well, he'll sleep right here [on the couch] so I won't roll off because he has body weight to keep me from falling off the couch," said Joe. "He's my buddy."

Photos from Meatball McCarty Facebook page.

An adopted dog from Afghanistan took care of his owner when he had a seizure
Meatball. Photo: Facebook




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I wish Joe and Kim a very Merry Christmas, and health and happiness in the new year. Meatball your my kind of dog. I noticed another dog in the video. Would his name by any chance be Swedish? Just kidding.
What a beautiful story! Meatball you are the best! Sending you and your family lots love and hugs all the way from Chile! : )
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