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Burned and abandoned puppy healing quickly and finds loving home

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | December 16, 2012 | Comments (9)

a puppy abandoned and burned has found a forever home

A 7-month-old puppy who was badly burned and abandoned outside of an animal care facility in November is healing quickly and has found a forever home.

The small terrier mix was treated by the Chula Vista Animal Care in San Diego, California for what appears to have been a chemical burn. "Looks like it was something that dripped down his sides and dripped down his left arm," said veterinarian Juli Maher.

a puppy abandoned and burned has found a forever home

The puppy was nicknamed "Burnie" by the staff. Someone mysteriously dropped him off at the shelter just before Thanksgiving, and since then Burnie has been making remarkable progress. He's not expected to have any long-term mdedical problems and his fur will grow back.

"He's doing great," she said. "He's healed so fast. He healed amazingly fast. We're all shocked."

After several weeks recuperating, staff were worried that the friendly, gentle dog was not getting any potential adopters to step forward. They were concerned that people may have gotten the wrong idea and assumed Burnie would require extensive medical care, or be traumatized, which is not the case. Burnie loves cats, other dogs and people. But they needn't have worried.

When Deboarah Anderson saw Burnie on the news she decided to adopt him.

"I just wanted him to have a home where he was safe and wouldn't have to worry about anything like that again," said Deborah.

Now at home with Deborah and her other puppy Clyde, Burnie is getting along famously with Clyde. "He and Clyde just clicked right away and just played really hard," said Deborah. "We went to take them apart and he didn't want to split up."

Deborah plans on keeping his name too. "There is that dark humor as it is," she said. "Burnie and Clyde have a good ring and he already seems to respond to it."

a puppy abandoned and burned has found a forever home

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Comments on this Article

How about putting a picture of Clyde up also. We'd love to see him with Burnie. The first post was last Dec. How are they doing???
Deborah Anderson, you are a truly wonderful human being. It is awesome that you rescued Burnie. I know that Burnie and Clyde are in good hands and will thrive in your home.
So glad he found a home! Poor puppy after all that he has been through! God Bless this puppy and the people who saved him.
It's cruel what happens to animals at the hands of "humans". The wild animals are the humans. Why would anyone hurt that sweet thing. So happy he found a loving and forever home with another 4 legged family member. Thank you for saving him and giving him a second chance. What a cutie
Burnie is doing great. He is a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog. He has no psychological repercussions from his ordeal. Clyde is his best buddy and they love to go to dog beach.
Sweet stuff! So happy that Burnie is fine and has a great home.
Burnie and Clyde, just SOOO CUTE! And thank you for giving this poor baby a great home. He looks like he's permanently surprised ... LOL! VERY cute and you'll have to post a picture of Clyde, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see those BFFs. :0)
Aww what a beautiful dog.. is there a way someone knows what breed this dog is? I would love to look into the dog and maybe get one in the future. Aww.. so cute I am glad he is doing good. I hope they find out who hurt the dog. I hope it was not on purpose.... poor pup.. at least someone has a good heart to bring him home for good!!!!
I am so pleased that Burnie has found a loving caring forever home,and it sounds like he has found a perfect friend in Clyde,lol now why does that sound familiar hmm??? Burnie and Clyde...oh yeah didnt they get into mischief now and again,but were best buddies?
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