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Firefighters save dog trapped in icy river (VIDEO)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | November 21, 2012 | Comments (9)

a dog needed rescuing from an icy river in southern Edmonton

A dog was quickly rescued by firefighters after falling into the icy North Saskatchewan River on Tuesday morning. The dog named Bella had been enjoying off-leash time at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park in southern Edmonton, Alberta with her owner when she accidentally ran onto the ice and fell through. 

Bella was rescued from an icy river by firefightersBella's owner called immediately for help and a rescue team of firefighters arrived and made their way across the ice to save Bella, who trying to keep her head out of the freezing water. Bella's owner watched anxiously on as rescuers successfully retrieved Bella and brought the frightened dog back to dry land. 

Cpt. Terry Letcher with Edmonton Fire Rescue said, "It's part of the job, but you also feel good when something like this turns out this way. We see a lot of bad stuff on our job so when we get a happy event like this, it's quite good."

Live footage was taken during the rescue of Bella by Global TV News.

Firefighters rescued a dog from a frozen lake

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Comments on this Article

Karen, next time ask someone nicely about their comment, before jumping to conclusions.
I think Karen that you might want to read the commenting etiquette box above the posting box, before you start chastising another persons comments. It wouldn't surprise me if you have been in conflict with other commenters on this site. You have read into my comment something that is not even there.
Darrin..it was condescending and preachy..period. I never referred to you as pig headed or arrogant...you came up with that one all by yourself !
My comment Karen is meant as nothing more than a concerned safety message, from my own life experience. I had a friend of my family die in water like this, trying to get his dog out. I myself have gone into fast moving winter melt water to rescue an older mans dog. If by sharing what I would do when the environment poses a danger, saves one person or a dog, I will offer it. Where in your eyes would it be ok to give a safety tip on this subject, if not on an article about this very subject. To suggest in your comment, that my comment was a pig headed arrogant attempt, to antagonize the women in the video, is an attack on my character. There is nothing in my comment that suggests this. I find it offensive that you have done so.
No need to reprimand or preach to Bella's Mom. She KNOWS and you can be sure it will never happen again. Why add to her angst ?
A big well done to the firefighters ! When I am around anything in the environment that might pose a hazard to me or my dog, I keep my dog on the leash. Find a better safer place to walk the dog, for the time being.
Bless the firefighters who train endlessly for water rescues. This was a very happy outcome which further hones their skills and confidence.
I have my own dog named Bella as well, and oddly enough she ran into an icy river last year... I was able to reach her myself but it is a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach to see them fall in. I'm very glad she was able to be rescued, she's such a pretty girl.
Big Props to the Firemen and a very nice way to start my Day... HAPPY!!!
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