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Rescuers save dog who steadfastly refused to leave his deceased owner after Hurricane Sandy

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | November 13, 2012 | Comments (16)

Lucas was saved thanks to the concerted efforts of rescuers
Lucas, who sadly lost his owner to Hurricane Sandy, was dropped at a high-kill shelter. After learning his story a group of rescuers set out to save him. Photo: Facebook

It's a happy ending to a sad story for a dog who lost his owner during Hurricane Sandy. After his owner was killed by the storm, the 5-year-old Collie/Shepherd mix found himself in the same high-kill shelter where his beloved owner had rescued him years earlier.

According to Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, who campaigned to save Lucas from the kill shelter, Lucas "wouldn't let the family members of his owner take him out of the yard they put him in because he knew his owner had died and he didn't want to leave him."

Lucas was rescued from a shelter after his owner died from Hurricane SandyGrieving, Lucas was taken to Staten Island NYC ACC facility. The surrounding were familiar to him. According to the Examiner, as a puppy his first owners had turned him over to the shelter when they had a baby.

This time, with the stress of surviving the storm and losing his family, Lucas was not coping well. Learning of Lucas' plight, Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue knew they had to try and save him, but first they had to find a foster family.

When they wrote their emergency appeal on their Facebook page they described Lucas' state-of-mind:

Lucas is VERY stressed in the shelter and it is showing, he excessively licks his nose so its all dried up and he's scratching himself so much he has some hair loss. Lucas is not a fan of the cage but we had a trainer come and evaluate him today and we think it's definitely something that with time he will adjust to. When Lucas is out of the cage and outside his personality shines through. We think that a home with older children is best because he appears to have been in a home as a single dog with no other animals and is used to quiet.

Touched by Lucas' loyalty and heartbreaking circumstances, people submitted their foster applications and later that very day, Lucas had a foster family to go home to. Lucas will now have a loving home to take care of him while he grieves and heals. He may not know it yet, but thanks to the efforts of kind strangers he will be helped to a new life for a second time.

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Comments on this Article

What sort of family did that man have? To give his loyal dog to a high kill shelter! Shame on them! And thank you to the kind strangers who came to Lucas' rescue!
I agree with the fact that they shouldn't have brought him to a shelter. Especially since it was a kill shelter. If they couldn't take the dog in themselves for whatever reason, they should have given him to someone they knew would take care of him.
The dog stayed loyal and loving. The human relatives couldn't wait to get rid off him, i.e. the dog and his owner as well, I bet!
Thank you to the foster and rescue. I know we would like to jump on the relatives. I would never let anything happen to my family's animals. But lets not jump to any conclusions. Maybe they had no home or whatever. Just be happy or the pup. Hope he gets adopted for real. All of these changes are hard on him
I agree 100%. I could not put an animal that was loved and that loved my family in a shelter. As inconvenient as it may be, animals become your family. I would have fuond a place for him in my home. But at least he's got a foster family now, and isnt grieving by himself...and shame on the deceased person's family for having no heart.
I agree 100%. I could not put an animal that was loved and that loved my family in a shelter. As inconvenient as it may be, animals become your family. I would have fuond a place for him in my home. But at least he's got a foster family now, and isnt grieving by himself...and shame on the deceased person's family for having no heart.
when i said step up to the plate i didnt mean take the dog to a dog shelter, maybe he knew he was to be dumped at the pound, who knows what goes on in a dogs head....i meant take the dog on care for him love him & give him a decent home....many years ago i was in the position a dear family friend died, it was her who delivered me into this world so we had a close bond...when she died suddenly her family had to decide where her pet went....for me there wasnt even a choice Jimmy came across the road & moved in with me where he stayed till the day he died....the only difference was Jimmy was a bird.....no dog deserves to be dumped at a shelter just cos their owner died...families need to step up & take on the pets,....
Erin, I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but if that is what some families consider stepping up, I'm glad I'm an orphan and a hermit and don't rely on the "kindness" of strangers, because I find it rarely comes. The loyalty of one's dogs is clearly demonstrated here, that's a loyalty you rarely find shared by humans, yet humans put down animals as being inferior and dumb. If animals are truely dumb, I would say that is a good thing for humans or they would be running the show. Perhaps they should be.
So happy for Lucas. When my mother died I adopted her little yorkie-shitzu cross. Is it convenient? No but I feel like I somehow owed it to this little loyal one!
You all are focusing on the negative here. Thank goodness Lucas was saved. Thank you to everyone involved.
I can't imagine abandoning a pet that one of my loved ones took in and loved. When my Uncle was sick, he adopted Buddy (my avatar pic) from a shelter. Harry gave Buddy the best 9 months any dog could ask for. When Harry passed away, none of us were in a position to adopt Buddy, someone who knew Harry through business dealings (over the phone) agreed to give Buddy a forever home. Buddy was kind of the office mascot for 2 weeks until we could get there and on the drive home we stopped and Buddy started his new life with someone who loves him as much as Harry did. Putting him back in a shelter was never an option. I am glad that Lucas has been given a second chance at forever.
It's so sad to think that when you die your own family would do something so disgusting, but thank God for good people out there. I have made previsions in case of my untimely demised and God knows if they are not followed I will hunt my family for eternity. Good for Lucas and thank you to all that helped in his rescue.
@Erin LeBlanc - but he was SOMEHOW dropped at the high kill shelter... I imagine by the family. They could have gone to the shelter to get him, as well.
God bless u lucas,ur a sweetheart. Grieve n then go....go love again.
@Val Costin - they did. "Lucas 'wouldn't let the family members of his owner take him out of the yard they put him in because he knew his owner had died and he didn't want to leave him.' "
shame his owners relatives didnt step up to the plate....
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