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Caring family will give terminally-ill stray dog love and comfort in her final days

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | October 31, 2012 | Comments (22)

Hop-A-Long with her new dad
Hop-A-Long will have a loving family for her final months thanks to the Webster family. Photo: Facebook/Angels of Assisi


An abandoned stray hound dog named Hop-A-Long Cassidy was rescued by Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, Virginia. She had the letter 'H' freeze-branded to her ear. After she was pulled from the shelter, Hop-A-Long was nursed back to health by the rescue. The dog's sweet and humble disposition won them over and they had high hopes of finding her a loving home.

Sadly, her health problems revealed that the loving dog has terminal cancer. But Hop-A-Long's story moved Paula Webster and her family. They immediately visited the rescue and offered to give Hop-A-Long a comfortable home for her final days. The rescue writes "They have two very comfy beds for her already and are prepared to give her a whole lifetime's full of love in the months that she has left. Thank you, thank you, thank you, more than we could ever express."

"She's very gentle," Paula said. "She's very loving. It's gonna be hard but I had a choice to either take her or let her die in a cage and I'm not going to do that." 

Angels is using its Biscuit Fund to tend to Hop-A-Long's medical care and treatment. More information on Angels of Assisi and how to help out with donations or adoptions can be found at www.angelsofassisi.org

Hop-A-Long has a group of 'angels' looking out for her

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Comments on this Article

Life can be so hectic, you forget how to relax and cherish the little things that bring you such inner peace and happiness. If I think one of my fur balls is not feeling happy or just not feeling himself, it really concerns me. Nothing else matters. They teach you to focus on what is really important in life. At least my dogs always have taught me that. They are so unselfish.
Just to let everyone know, hop-a-long knows what a treat is and goes out all the time to get one. She is doing well and loves to have her ears rubbed. She is a joy to be around, teaches us what love is about.
Thank you, Heather! Dora has hung in there for quite a while (well past what we were told to expect for her), and is living quite an amazing life in defiance of her cancer diagnosis. I've been so blessed with her and learned so much from being her dog-mom, that I wouldn't trade a moment of it.
My thoughts are with you as well Emily Meyer. It is so hard, but hang in there. Your little fur child needs you.
God has a special place in heaven for people like the Websters.....your compassion is so beautiful....Hop-A-Long will be in my thoughts. Thankyou for being YOU.
Thanks so very much for adopting her and give her the warmth and love of family life for her final days !
Spooooo sad...but also soooo wonderful! Hop-A-Long will have love, warmth and comfort in her last months thanks to the Websters. She is a lovely girl. I just wish I could take her cancer away. :(
More people need to do things like this! I know there are lots of people who love animals but move a lot or something and can't take on the responsibility of 15+ yrs with a pet. Why not do something like this and make a difference? There is a rescue in my community that takes in all elderly/sick animals and lets them live out their last days in comfy beds, with all their friends and tons of love. Its one of the best places I've ever been.
Literally crying right now...
Thank you, and bless you for what you are doing..
Our neighbors were moving to another country and couldn't take their 2 elderly dogs with them. They both had some health issues and we knew they would have to be euthanized if they didn't find them a home. We took them in and took care of them until they passed away. Both of them were the sweetest dogs you could ever know. It wasn't always easy, and one of them required a lot of care, but we did our best to make life as happy as possible for them, and I'm glad they were able to enjoy the rest of their lives, and not have it cut short.
Thank you caring and gave her love in her final days
As I never will stop to say, knowing that this world could be hell for all kind of creatures: there is h o p e in this world. Sometimes angels do not need wings as long they have a heart and two loving and caring arms. God bless them and all the best for Hope-a-long <3
If only more people in this world could be like this family. Thank you to the Webster family. Dogs Live, Love and will never let you down, I wish I could say the same for the ignorant person that abandoned this beautiful dog. god bless
Bless u for taking care of this lovely girl.Thank you.
If this doesn't make you cry and feel good for Hop-A-Long knowing she will have her wonderful remaining months with The Webster Family loving and caring for her and giving her HUGS all the time. Thank you Webster Family. Bless you Hop (you never know you just maybe with us for a longer time than expect. I hope so.
I cry as i write this.....the Webster family how great you are to open ur home n hearts,god bless you
We once fostered a dog (carin terrier) that had cancer. It's not an easy thing to do. May God bless these people deeply for their unselfigh kindness.
I tend to avoid leaving comments on any sites that require me to register, but this article moved me enough to actually do so. Words can't express how the many emotions this brought out in me, but thank you; thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have truly restored my faith in humanity, and I have a feeling the wisdom and blessings you gain from Hopalong in her final days will more than outweigh the pain that comes from her short time left. Your paths crossed for a reason, and you will both be richer for it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Love, Emily Ann (mother to a dog with hemangiosarcoma)
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