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Rescued blind and deaf Australian Shepherd lives a life full of love

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 23, 2012 | Comments (6)

Angel is blind and deaf but has a regular doggie life

Angel was just a puppy when she was discovered by Elisha Dillon at a rescue. The Australian Shepherd was born blind and deaf. She was taken in by the rescue after her breeder considered putting her down, but a vet took pity on her.

Angel has adjusted well to her disabilities

During her two months at the rescue, Angel was attacked by the other dogs in the kennel because she could not hear or see the dogs warning her that her puppy enthusiasm was too much for them. So she was kept out in the rescue's thrift shop and that's where Elisha found her.

Elisha has experience working with deaf/blind kids, and had an older dog who had lost her sight due to a heredity issue - experiences which helped in training Angel. Angel has learned all the regular tricks and training a dog needs, but through touch rather than hand signals and voice commands. 

Said Elisha,"She hikes, snowshoes, swims, and loves to play with any dog that is willing. I often hear people express pity for Angel, but she will have none of that. All she wants from strangers, which is what most dogs want, is to be petted endlessly or played with."

Here's more on Angel's story.


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Comments on this Article

Thank you SOO MUCH. I also have a deaf/blind dog that I adopted at 6 months old. It's amazing that her signals are similar to those for your dog. Gentle pressure on her behind is 'sit' and 'come' is a rub under the chin. Her 'no' signal is a tap on the head. When I'm sitting on the couch she has to be on my lap/legs (have a reclining couch thankfully.) And, when I sleep, she cuddles down on my legs. It's so cute - I just adopted an 80 lb almost 18 month old (got him at 10 months and 70 lbs) lab/coon rescue. It's so cute watching the two play together, although Helen is 7 1/2 years old. My 18 month old has learned to gently paw her or bump her to get her attention. They will then play for a good 15 minutes straight! She is still treat aggressive, having lived her first 4 months in a puppy mill. Both my other dogs know to leave her alone with treats, or the food bowl (it took a few fights for the 'toddler' to learn this.) Helen (yes, after Helen Keller) has also learned the entire house, and how to get from the dog door all the way down the deck, down the deck stairs, to the back yard without issues. She also knows where the car is in the garage, and goes straight for the back door. It's as if she has a sixth sense that allows her to navigate. The best thing is her work at the nursing home. I go to a nursing home once a month, and take her as much as possible. They love her. Gently putting pressure on her chest lets her know to lift her front paws on a wheelchair for pets. She brings smiles every time.
Hello all ...I'm Angel's other doggymommy. To learn more about dogs like Angel and to see the incredible rescue that helps babies like her, please visit www.amazingaussies.com and like them on facebook at /AmazingAussies
Love this story!!! Can't believe anyone would even contemplate putting down a dog just b/c of a disability. Elisha and Angel are just awesome. Angel is just so beautiful!
We rescued a deaf husky once and while it was a challenge training him (he was also a stray) Dante was the sweetest dog I've ever owned....no one should let a handicap stop them from adopting a dog
my brother has 2 rescued Aussies and one is white and deaf and blind. thank you for taking such good care of Angel. She is beautiful.
Angel is a beautiful dog, and I'm glad she has a good home and is happy!
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