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Firefighters adopt abandoned dog they rescued

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 15, 2012 | Comments (9)

Ember was rescued and adopted by a group of firefighters

Firefighters in Haines City, Florida rescued and adopted a dog they found abandoned and left to die in a rural field. The two-year-old female American Staffordshire Terrier was tied to a tree wearing a muzzle and without food or water. Named Ember by her rescuers, the dog is now a permanet resident and member of the team at the Haines City Fire Department firehouse.

"We weren't going to leave her there, so we untied her and we walked over to the truck and when we got to the truck she just jumped right up into the back," Fire Chief Bill Jolley told ABC Action News. Since then she's become a loveable companion to the team. "She's very calm and gets along with everybody," said Bill.

Ember had to overcome a few abandonment issues and learn that when the guys went out on a call, they would come back. That wasn't so hard, as she is lavished with attention by the seven men.

Haines City firefighters adopted the abandoned dog they rescued

Firefighter Brett Dipiero plays Tug-o-war with her using an old fire hose. "Now she's sthe the most spoiled dog in the world," he said. "She gets all the food she wants, all the treats she wants. If she could tell you herself, I’m sure she’d tell you she’s in heaven."

Ember has had a positive effect on the men too. She makes the time go by a little faster and everyone is more cheerful around the firehouse. Ember's care isn't covered by tax dollars so the team pitch in for Ember's "dog fund" which covers food and medical expenses (they get a great deal from a local vet who helps with Ember's care).

The firefighters are proud of their new team member and plan to bring her along during parades as part of their family.

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Comments on this Article

I am so happy that the firefighters realize that the improvement Ember brings to their work environment is worth the expense, even if the Haines City Council does not.
A horrible story which fortunately ends so happily ! Thanks for her, guys ! And hugs for those who don't have her luck... :(
Excellent - thank you for saving Ember. I wish I could get hold of the evil gits who tied her up to die .. they wouldn't be tying anything else up any time soon if I did!
Oh so wonderful. Way to go, guys.
You firemen are AWESOME!!!! What a beautiful girl. Ember is a beautiful name. Very fitting.
LOve this story - Friends live in Haines city and r animal lovers
Nice job guys, but having rescued my share of dogs, I know you are getting paid back in spades for your efforts. Somehow they just seem to feel a special kinship with those who were there when they needed someone and a bond is created that never goes away.
I love this! You guys are so awesome! Makes you that much more heroes if that's even possible.
Heroes in more ways than one!!!
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