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Couple gives up their dream wedding to save their dog's life

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 09, 2012 | Comments (35)

Melanie Cannon and Eddie Hanna forfeited their wedding plans to care for their dog

A young couple gave up their dream wedding to save their dog's life. Melanie Cannon and Eddie Hanna adopted Koda in April from the Halifax Humane Society in Volusia County, Florida. But a recent visit to the veterinarian revealed the pit bull mix was ill with a liver shunt - the worst the vet had ever seen - and would need life-saving medical care.

Melanie and Eddie had purchased pet insurance thinking it would cover such circumstances, but their claim was rejected leaving the young couple in a financial bind. 

Melanie and Eddie gave up their wedding to care for their dogThey had already postponed their wedding last October when Melanie's grandmother died a week before their planned wedding date. At that time none of the vendors would refund their money. They had saved up for the second time and made plans for their wedding, but because of Koda was not covered by the insurance, they were forced to use their wedding money and forfeit their wedding deposits in order to pay for Koda's vet bills and medical care. 

"We just did what anybody would've done," Eddie said. "He deserves to be alive and to be loved."

The couple had to put their wedding on hold for a second time. 

Upon hearing what Melanie and Eddie did for Koda, the Halifax Humane Society felt they had to help. They approached local vendors and soon had a catering company provide food and a lovely receiption facility for the couple and their guests. Other vendors soon joined in to help, arranging for flowers, music and all of the other necessary arrangements to throw the couple their dream wedding on Saturday, September 8, 2012. 

"It's a really wonderful example of the entire community coming together," Miguel Abi-hassan, Halifax Humane Society's executive director told The Daytona Beach News Journal. "I've been an animal lover for 15 years, and I never thought I'd help plan a wedding." 

Koda will need medication for the rest of his life, but he's expected to recover and will be at the wedding to watch his humans tie the knot.

Koda suffers a liver shunt but is getting the care he needs thanks to his human parents



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Comments on this Article

God bless you both..My 14 year old lab/chow mix is like a baby to me..when she developed cancer, my husband and I drove her 7 hrs away to a specialist for tests and then again for surgery...some people thought we were nuts but my response was, "If you had a family member who had cancer, would you take them to an oncologist or a gp?"...
To those who are being judgmental about their wedding: They spent the money they saved on their sick dog without thinking twice about it. Why are you berating them for a wedding that didn't happen on their own? How about some compassion for the humans who put their dog first?
Thx u give us very good example...what u did return back to u...u did good, u got good things too.....GOD bless u both and koda baby..gwt well soon koda...prayer from me and choco
Lovely story! Koda is lucky to have you both!.....as for the comment from Sue Belka : Just because 2 people get married does not mean they spent a whole ridiculous amount on a wedding...there are such things as budget weddings...and not everyone in this world is rich enough to be "frivolous" on weddings....the main idea of getting married is because you love each other.....either way,I commend them for what they did,and am happy that other people were also kind enough to step up and allow them to still have their special day<3
What a beautiful story! Brought tears to my eyes. What a kind, unselfish couple putting the life of their dog before their needs. And the wonderful community that banded together to give them the wedding they could no longer afford. A happy ending for everyone involved! I hope you both enjoy a long, happy life together with Kodak.
great that your dedicated to the ones you love if you show this kind of concern for a recent addition to your family I'm sure your marriage has nothing to fear.
That really messed up my comment.. Basically I am happy that you were able to save your dog! I had a kitty who got really sick out of nowhere.. He was my best friend and baby.. And I didn't have enough money to save him.. But I would have sold or put off anything to do so.. So I am happy that you were able to save your boy.. It really touches home
This brought tears to my eyes.. Melanie and Eddie, you guys are awesome. I had a kitty (I know this is a dog site) who was my best friend and baby <3 got quick really he sick><3><3 I am so happy for you guys.
...there goes another box of Kleenex ...God Bless all concerned...
Absolutely, WONDERFUL!!! Thanks are in order to Halifax Humane Society for going above and beyond. You guys are great!!! Happy ever after for Melanie, Eddie and Koda!
Amen to what Sue Belka said. And I'd also like to know who the insurance company was so I'm sure I never get that insurance!!
Congratulations on being able to celebrate a wedding after all. I totally can understand why you ended up postponing the wedding. I myself have 2 dogs and 3 cats all from per rescues. I have been lucky so far until my last adoption. I have had Eddie since January and he is now 10 months old. I knew getting him that he was born with a heart murmur but didnt realize the severity untill I had a echocardio done and discovered he requires a stint put in his heart ir he will mist likely die within a few years. The cost of the surgery is 3500.00 which I cannot afford at this time, my daugher is getting married and I after 14yrs will be losing my job, from a result of a plant closure. Waiting on a miracle right now. Very happy that your story had a wonderful happy ending. He is very lucky to have found the both of you.
It's a lovely story, but they simply did what they as a pet owner should do ! You don't waste money on a something as frivoulus as an extravagent wedding when your pet is sick ! I am currently selling my shore home, hopefully quickly to provide the BEST possible care for my aging dogs ! People don't NEED extravagance to survive, dogs NEED love, attention & medical care.
I would LOVE to know what kind of insurance they had... I have ASPCA and would be DEVASTATED if something like wasn't covered..
I am thankful that there are persons like this in our country who would emulate the Father and due what is right for His creatures.
Truly LOVE this......and I would also, do whatever it took for me to be able to save my pet family member at any costs or time that it took!!! Cragrats to this wonderful couple and may you both live a wonderful life with your baby Koda by your side as long as she may be! It is also awesome of all the folks that helped to make your wedding event come true so lovely!!!
I LOVE this!! My husky Stoli was 6 months old when we found out he had a pretty severe liver shunt. Not many vets perform the procedure he needed so we traveled from Miami to RI (luckily we have family there) and he had it done at Tufts in May of 2010! This March he became sick again and needed to have one of his kidneys removed but he is doing really well now. I would do it again 3 times over to save him! What a great story to read... I'm so happy you were able to have your wedding. We were married Sept 9 2011. Best wishes to you and Koda!
I had to set up an account to leave a comment on this story. A friend of mine shared this on FB today, I had never heard of this website until today. What a touching story...my husband and I were just talking about if anything ever happened to one of our 3 dogs what we would do...and he said he would work as much OT as he had to, to save one of their lives. I love this story for one of two reasons...the first being the obvious, how darn sweet it is, but then I got to the end of the story and saw they got married on our anniversary...we celebrated our 6th anniversary this Saturday and our expecting our first child next month! We would like to congratulate Melanie, Eddie and Koda on their wedding and wish this couple a life time full of happiness, love and many blessings. You guys did a beautiful thing and we pray Koda has a full happy life with the two of you <3 God Bless, Trish and Aj
Dit is geweldig, wat een super koppel.........love en respect !!
INcredible Story. You are a model couple and others should follow your lead
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