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Compassionate rescue team saves the life of paralyzed wolf trapped in icy river

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 03, 2012 | Comments (20)

wolf rescued from icy river

A severely injured wolf was rescued from the icy waters of the Limentra, in Camugnano, Italy. He was in a state of hypothermia and appeared close to death. The wolf was malnourished, his hind limbs were paralyzed and his body was riddled with 35 lead pellets. 

The dramatic rescue was undertaken on January 9, 2012 by police and conservation officers from the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna. The conservationists are familiar with rescuing and rehabilitating injured indigenous wildlife animals.

The rescuers first tranquilized the wolf in order to safely get him out of the water. His heart stopped as soon as he was pulled from the freezing river, so the rescuers fought to revive him. Finally, they successfully got him breathing again.

Named Navarre, the wolf was brought to the Monte Adone Centre for emergency care. He received two weeks of round the clock intensive care and miraculously, he was able to walk again. This video is just incredible.



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Comments on this Article

Wow, so beautiful to see. It was amazing how an "untamed" wolf became so tame and accepted the love of humans. Beautiful.
This is so sweet<3
Thank you to all you wonderful people that saved this magnificent life. We need so many more like you in the world. God Bless all of you.
Oh my goodness, I'm all teary eyed. They worked so hard to save that beautiful creature. Oh how I wish that everyone in the world treated animals with this much love and respect.
Thank you to everyone who's involve in saving Navarre. What a beautiful story. I was crying watching this and to read that he has passed away, but at least he knows that there are kind people out there who cares.
thanks to those very kind people and i am so touched with tears when watching. i hope i can do the same job.
Thank God for rescuers! <3
Blessings to all who show compassion for all animals!
Sadly I just found out that the Wolf died in May, despite all help he received from his human angels. But this love and affection he received was worth every minute. He had all these lead bullets in his body, he was hurt by people obviously before the rescuers found him in that river. So I think he died knowing that not all people are bad in the forest. Sleep well, Lord of the forest <3
A wonderful story with a very happy ending. Thanks to all who helped rescue the wolf. May you all be rewarded for your selfless actions.
Thank U everyone 4 giving this beautiful animal his life back. Every aspect of this story is a demonstration of unselfish energy directed toward an animal in need of care. Angels, that's the only word that comes to mind when I read these beautiful stories. May U all B blessed with continuous JOY!
Omg, thank you so much for those truly kind and good people who saved him! You are living saints in so many eyes. I have no words to describe what this video made me feel Omg, grazie mille per quelle persone veramente gentili e buona che l'ha salvato! State vivendo santi agli occhi di tanti. Non ho parole per descrivere quello che questo video mi ha fatto sentire
Bless you all for saving this beautiful wolf. I am glad there are such caring people to care for creatures like Navarre.
e dopo minuti, Navarre sceglie di vivere... qui ho cominciato a piangere (and after interminable minutes, Navarro chooses to live - here i begun to cry) <3 to you guys, i wish i was one between you
Great work guys. God bless all that helped. But I would have liked to be able to understand the writing in the video as I do not understand Italian.
Thankyou to the caring people who rescued him!
thank u! thank u! u r hero's! tears of sadness but mostly happiness of ur selflessness. U r Saints in my eyes.. thank u from the deepest part of my soul!
Thanks to the wonderful people who saved this beautiful creature! And for caring for him long enough to bring him back to health. They will be rewarded in eternity, I am sure. Blessings to Navarre - may he continue to improve!
Such a beautiful story ;) Thanks to the people who saved his life.. God is great!
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