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Loyal dog walks nearly 500 miles home searching for owner

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | September 01, 2012 | Comments (13)

Dog walks nearly 500 miles searching for owner

When Mark Wessells dropped his Labrador Retriever, Buck, off at his father's mountain property in Winchester, VA, he thought Buck would be happy with the vast amount of property his father owned.

Mark was in the process of moving homes back in Myrtle Beach, SC, and temporarily couldn't have Buck. Having Buck stay with Mark's father seemed like a perfect solution for Mark and a great "vacation" for Buck.

However, one week after Mark left Virginia, Mark received a call from his father saying that Buck had disappeared.

Dog walks nearly 500 miles searching for owner"We thought somebody stole him because that was the only thing we could think of. For the longest time, my dad and brother had been keeping an eye out for him, but never saw him," Mark told Myrtle Beach Online.

But Buck hadn't been stolen, he had started his journey back home to be with his human. Buck's trek was interrupted when he reached Bellegrove, a Carolina Forest subdivision, about two weeks ago. That's where Buck ran into Brett Gallagher, who took Buck in and let him play with his own lab, Hannah.

Brett checked his neighborhood for anyone who lost a dog, and eventually, as his schedule allowed, he took Buck to the vet for a checkup. The veterinarian found Buck's microchip and for the first time since Buck started his journey, Buck heard his own name, which made the lab get very excited.

Buck was even more excited when Mark entered the exam room soon after, showering his human with kisses. You can watch a video of Buck and Mark's reunion here.

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Comments on this Article

Just amazing! That is love and loyalty and friendship!
Okay...why is the owner dumb and heartless? He was moving; he temporarily couldn't have the dog. He thought leaving him on a nice big farm with lots of room to run, with someone he trusted, was a good thing for the dog. Try reading the story again.
yup, dumb and heartless owner! Let's hope he has a better home now!!
I'm confused though - can he keep Bucky now?
Very smart dog. D*mb and heartless owner.
i think that is great the dog realy loves it owner to do that i believe a dog will do anything if it is smart enogh. we have a lab she is very smart i would like to think she would do the same thing keep that dog he is very loving pet
Now thats love wow what a great story! I hope Buck will be able to stay with his owner now.
How do you get your photos on here?
What a great story!! Great job buck!
I think dogs, at least some dogs pay real good attention to where they are and which way they are heading. I'm fairly sure my dog knows where he is over a fair amount of area that we have traveled. It's not 500 miles mind you. but I don't have trouble believing that Buck had a good idea which way to head to try to find his human.
This is a great story but I have trouble believing that an animal could really track his human 500 miles. Can someone out there explain this phenomenon??? The microchip tells me that his owner really wants to keep track of him so I believe he's loved. Happy ending! Gotta love it...
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