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Dog miraculously survives after being tied to train tracks

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 15, 2012 | Comments (13)

Chessie train track survivor

Chessie is now looking for a loving forever home after experiencing a terrifying act of cruelty last Friday night in the Tremont neighborhood overlooking downtown Cleveland. She and two other dogs were tied up to train tracks, but unlike the other two dogs, Chessie survived.

A CSX bridge monitor told police that he witnessed the incident from a distance. He said that he saw Chessie being tied to the tracks and someone appearing to take photographs or video of it. By the time he got to Chessie, the train had passed and the man had dissappeared. The bodies of the other dogs were found in the same secluded stretch of tracks.

Chessie train track survivorChessie, a Manchester Terrier cross, is about 22 pounds and 14 inches tall, and now, amazingly well adjusted considering what she has been through. When she was found, Chessie was wearing a pink collar, indicating that she was not a stray.

"She's very gentle. She's playful. She's about 2 years old," Cuyahoga County animal shelter manager Lesley DeSouza. "She is amazingly friendly, and she likes to sit on your lap. She's a lap dog. We're just stunned that a dog that went through all this so quickly has adapted herself."

Chessie will be available for adoption from the Cuyahoga County animal shelter (tel: 216-525-7877) on Friday, after a mandated waiting period to allow the owner to reclaim her.

Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for the man responsible and to report suspicious activity to Second District officers by calling: 216-623-5200.

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Comments on this Article

Bonnie, first of all, it IS possible that she's been stolen from aloving family, especially being a well adapted dog. I can't imagine anyone having a dog that's well treated, evidently from how she is now, then suddenly 3OH, I think I'l go and tie her to a Rail road, and film her when she gets cut to pieces by the train. What fun, hahaha!"; No way, she must have been somewhere good before her torturer got hold of her, or he was schizo...maybe if she's a stolen baby of someone, they'l recognise her. If I was closer, too, I'd give her a home for life, and it's dog paradise most of the time here. But can't cross the Atlantic:( The video will show up on a gruesome site on the Web, and with a bit of luck there's a handy hacker around to do the tracker, a human Bloodhound, and I hope he can get us some of the maniac's blood. Some people really convince me that real Evil exists!
This is too horrific and disgusting for words! These people MUST be found and punished and made an example of by continious torture! How can this even happen? Where is the law? We don't allow it to happen to humans, so why can it happen to other living beings? I am furious! I thank God that she is well but the other 2 weren't so lucky.. How many must die and suffer such atrocities for the law to do something? Those that do nothing and allow this to happen are equally to blame for these crimes! ENOUGH!
I'll take her in a heartbeat! She can even have the WHOLE bed! FOREVER
Mandated court hearing to return to OWNER....... ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! nooooo! My god strike this pos down and this baby be adopted by a loving family. Thank u god for saving her.
God I hate people! Let's be sure to look on You Tube for this dirty bastard's video!
Yes I also vote for tying the person responsible to the tracks. Nothing but a pure evil person could do such a thing. May this precious dog know only happiness from this point on.
the people that did this are sick and should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. behavior like this is how most serial killers start. so sad for the 2 that didn't make it. @threenorns, dogs do generalize. abused dogs frequently are skiddish around ALL people until they see that their rescuers are kind and loving people. I once had a dog that wouldn't go near any man, but would follow women around, most likely because he had been abused by men only.
If I lived closer I would sure give this baby a forever home! Poor thing to go through such a terrible ordeal!!!
What is wrong with people? I'd like to get my hands on that sick son of a bitch! There are tracks right down the street from my house and I'd tie him on the very narrow bridge. And duct tape his hands behind his back and tie his feet together. Rat bastard wouldn't get away. It's really no wonder I like my animals so much more than most people.
This just turns my stomach. I am happy that Chessie survived. But what sick , twisted person could tie each dog to the tracks and watch it get hit. I do not know what world we live in anymore. It just breaks my heart. I hope Chessie finds a forever, loving home soon.
What is the problem with people today? What makes someone tie 3 dogs 2 the railroad tracks? Why, why, why . . . Thus person is a sick sorry son of a Devil. I would adopt Chessie in a heartbeat, but I live in Florida. Animal cruelty is NOT tolerated here(Florida). Abusers receive many, many years, in prison, when convicted. We LOVE our animals!
Catch this sick bastard, tie him to the track and video it. I bet it'd go viral in a heart beat, you could even sell ad spots on it.
i am always baffled why ppl are "astonished", "amazed", or "astounded" when a dog bounces back after cruelty. newsflash: dogs are not humans. *humans* generalize - dogs do not. if chessie sees *the individual* who tortured her, she'll probably chew his crotch out but she doesn't blame the entire human race for what one sick freak did. we can learn a lot from dogs.
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