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Good Samaritan rescues puppy living by rural highway

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | August 09, 2012 | Comments (16)

Daina Lapworth wasn't expecting to rescue a dog from the ditch next to the highway, but after several weeks of effort she managed to capture the six-month old puppy and give her a second chance at life.

Daina was traveling home on July 22 to La Ronge, Saskatchewan, when she thought she spotted a fox. As she drove by, she noticed the animal had a red collar on. She right away stopped her car and jumped out to try and get a closer look at the dog. But as she approached, the dog got scared and ran off.

Nina in the coyote trapDaina went back home and asked if anyone else had encountered the dog. She posted her question on local Facebook pages and several people responded and said they had. One man said he saw had spotted the dog two months earlier but had assumed she lived in the area.

Daina immediately knew it was up to her to rescue the dog, so she contacted Saskatchewan Environment Resource Management and they lent her a coyote trap to help to catch the dog.

Daina placed the trap out where she had last seen the dog, but after several weeks of no luck, she decided to move it somewhere else. Last Thursday, she arrived to take the trap and as luck would have it, she found the dog inside!

“When we went to move it, it was in the middle of a thunderstorm and the dog was actually in the trap. That was pretty exciting," she told the Daily Herald.

The dog was extremely frightened and growled and peed when she approached her, having been so long fending for herself.

When Daina got home and closely examined the stray dog, she could see the female dog was in bad shape with mange, swollen paws and skin and bones. Daina knew she needed help.

She uploaded photos to Facebook and within just a few minutes two rescues Cause 4 Paws and We All Need A Rescue - out of Saskatoon - contacted her and said they wanted to help.

The puppy was taken to the vet for care and was treated for a high fever and her other health problems. Daina thought at the time, the dog probably should have been humanely put down, but quickly changed her mind and thought the pup did not "go through hell...just to be put down."

Now in a foster home, Nina (as she has been named) is recovering quickly. Nina's foster mom said the puppy has lots of personality and is full of life. Nina's got some further healing to do but thanks to Daina's selfless actions and the support of the rescues, the dog who lived much of her short life by the highway now has a chance at finding a loving home.


Nina has been adopted by her foster mom! Thanks for the update Daina Lapworth

Good Samaritan rescues puppy living by rural highway

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Comments on this Article

Awesome story,love you both and the adoptive mum too.big love.x
Great job D-A-I-N-A! (Not Diana people) Thank you for saving that little pup and giving her a new life. Thank you to the foster mom and everyone else who helped as well. You are all awesome!!!
Beautiful people...saving defenseless babies... made my day ;)
God bless you Diana!!! You are right, she didn't go thru hell just to be put down. Thank God you were diligent and thanks for posting an update. She looks BEAUTIFUL!
Yeah Daina! The world needs more people like you.
I wish there were a lot more people out there like you Daina! You saved that little girls life!
And my apologies. I didn't know this story was on here or I would have replied sooner. Just found it tonight.
Nina is doing very well. Check out my profile picture. She doesn't look like the same dog. Nina decided that the amazing lady that has fostered her since that first night is going to be her new full time Mom.
The world is a much better place because of people like you! That little dog is precious and I hope she finds a wonderful home. We need to know how things go for her.
Great Job Diana...Think of how many people drove by her and didn't do anything. Good for you and Thank you.
U r an angel not to give up on this poor helpless dog.
We need more people like Diana! What a wonderful woman to help this dog,poor dog what she been through. Thank you to the rescue groups as well and can't forget the foster home, great people!!!!!
I can't wait to hear an update and would love to hear more about her personality, I hope she finds a happy home real soon!
Thanks for rescuing this little girl!!! Hope you'll post an update and show us her improvement. I really appreciate the people who stop and take the time to give these animals another chance at life. GOD BLESS YOU!!
This is great news! Where can we get more information if one of us would like to adopt this pup?
Way To Go Diana, Pity There Isn't More Kind People In The World Like You, Instead Of The Scumbags Who Abuse These Very Precious Animals....
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