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Pit bull honored for heroically saving his guardian's life

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 24, 2012 | Comments (4)

Titan honored for his heroic actions saving his owner

Titan, a 6-year-old Pit bull has been honored by the Humane Society of the United States for his heroism in saving the life of his guardian Gloria Benton of Lawrenceville Georgia. 

Last July, Gloria's husband John Benton, was heading to work and sent Titan back upstairs to stay with Gloria, who was recovering from back surgery. But Titan refused. He was agitated and barking and kept running up and down the stairs, between their bedroom and the front door. John knew Titan was trying to tell him something was wrong. When he went back upstairs he found Gloria on the floor, bleeding from her head. She had suffered an aneurysm and fractured her skull when she fell. 

Doctors later told John that if it had not been for Titan keeping him from leaving the house, Gloria would have likely bled to death or the aneurysm would have killed her. 

Gloria and John have had Titan since he was a puppy, after their son brought him home. Gloria admits she was not thrilled at first with the thought of having a Pit bull around the house - having heard bad things about the breed - but Titan quickly won her over. This week, she proudly looked on as Titan received his Dogs of Valour award.

And just 8 weeks ago, Titan once again proved his heroism when he helped Gloria during another medical emergency. Titan ran to John and woke him up after she fell in the bathroom and fractured her hip. "He thinks his purpose in life is to watch after his grandmother, Gloria," John told Fox 5 News

"He is so special. And you just can't give him enough love. He loves to be loved on," said Gloria. It seems Titan also loves to give love too.


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Comments on this Article

I'm not able to see these videos for some unknown reason, but I do want to say that I agree with "Jolene" above, "no dog is bad unless you treat it badly". It's amazing what Love can do!! Good boy Titan, and congrats on your award. May God bless you, your G'ma Gloria and John! Love all of you.....
I'm always So happy to hear about stuff like this. No dog is bad. A dog behaves on how it is treated- and I agree with Leissa. This dog is Very loved. And it should be. What a sweet thing. <3 Makes me miss my pit bull.
Titan is hero and thank goodness he was there - both times!
Dogs respond to their treatment. Obviously this fellow has been loved his whole life and loves his people right back. Good dog, Titan, good dog!!
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