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Dog found safe after owner forced to leave him on drifting boat during dramatic high seas rescue

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 19, 2012 | Comments (10)

Cedar had to be rescued from an adrift sailboat
Cedar was rescued from a sailboat adrift after his owner was air rescued days earlier.

Glen Hampton and Doug Monroe, along with Glen's pit bull Cedar and cat Banana, were enjoying a sailing trip on the northern BC coast earlier this week when they ran into serious trouble. Glen's sailboat became stranded after 80 kilometer an hour winds and 4 meter waves buffeted the 50 foot sailboat, breaking the rudder, killing the power and tearing the boat's sails. Glen sent out a "MayDay" distress call and the coast guard responded by sending out a Cormorant rescue helicopter and plane.

Glen's boat adrift off the BC CoastWhen the rescue crew arrived, the winds had picked up even more fiercely. The coast guard had to call in a nearby cruise ship to help block some of the wind, so the rescue crew could get safely to the men in distress.

Doug, who has diabetes, was in dire need of help, so he was hoisted off the boat first. The coast guard next attempted to get Glen along with Cedar at the same time. But as Glen was put into the rescue sling, the line went taut and the two men were slammed into the side of the boat and plunged into the high waves.

The rescuers were not able to go back for Cedar or Banana, as the helicopter was low on fuel and critical on time, forcing them to leave the animals behind.

Distressed for the welfare of his beloved Cedar, Glen borrowed money to charter a plane early the next day to go search for his boat. From the air, his son spotted a black dot in the water which was his sailboat. When back at shore, Glen took out a tug boat to retrieve his sailboat, and, he prayed, his dog too.

Cormorant Helicopter called to rescue crew on sailboatThe family had been scared Cedar might have attempted to swim to shore. But when Glen arriived at his ship late Wednesday he found Cedar and Banana safely on board.

Although he borrowed $10,000 to charter the plane and tugboat, Glen told GlobalBC TV he had no choice. Cedar is worth every penny. "He's been a constant companion for 8 years and everyone in town loves him," said Glen. "He's a very special animal."


Cedar arrives back at shore

Cedar arrives back at shore after his ordeal.

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Comments on this Article

I'm sure Glenn was concerned about both animals but there was a chance the dog might have tried to swim to shore. That is why Glenn was primarily worried about the dog. Few cats would try to swim ashore, but if Glenn had a cat that loved swimming, I'm sure he would have worried about it also.
Thanks God he could find them safe, good for him!
Ellen, thank you for the update. That makes me feel much better, knowing that Banana was safe in the cabin, and that's why the owner was more concerned about Cedar, since he was loose on the deck. I'm very glad that both were safe, and that the owner was able to get both of his pets back home again.
Thank you, Ellen, for the latest update. I know how Ana feels because I love all animals, too, no matter what they are, including fish, reptiles and spiders. I used to have 2 dogs and 2 cats who all lived with me until one by one due to old age, and age related illnesses, they began passing away, and I was a basket case as a result of it! If that would have been my boat, I would have feared that both animals might drown if the sailboat would have gone down. I thank the owner so much for spending that amount of money to get his beloved family members. I'm just glad that he was able to get the money. There are many people who would not have been that lucky to be able to do that. I can't even imagine what was going through Cedar's mind as he watched his beloved Glen being hoisted up to a helicopter and he was left on the boat. I don't even want to think about that, and how heartbreaking it was for Glen to have to look down feeling like he was abandoning his beloved Cedar, and knowing that Banana was inside too. Too much to bear. It is so refreshing to hear about a rescue like this, with all the negative things I have been reading about, so many unfortunate furbabies. Thanks again for writing this, and thank you, Glen, for caring so much for your babies.
Hi Ana - more of the story came out today - they weren't as worried for Banana because the cat was locked safely in the cabin of the boat. Cedar, on the other hand, was left on deck when they attempted to airlift him and Glen off the boat. Glen saw him as he was being pulled on the helicopter and said “The last place I saw him was on the deck of a boat that was heaving so hard humans couldn’t stand up.”
Madeleine, I know both animals were mentioned in the narrative, but it seemed that the owner only expressed concern about his dog, never mentioning his cat, and that disturbed me, because I love both cats and dogs and feel that both should be treated with love and respect.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading these stories! Glen, you are one unique human being!
Great rescue!! I am so glad that all made it out of that sea! At Ana, this is what it says, "The rescuers were not able to go back for Cedar or Banana, as the helicopter was low on fuel and critical on time, forcing them to leave the animals behind." I am sure it was an oversight on the writer's part in that one sentence being that both animals were mentioned elsewhere. I am sure he wouldn't have taken a cat and a dog onboard and not have been worried about the both of them. I'm just glad everyone is ok.
I'm very glad the animals were saved, but I'm wondering why they only mentioned being concerned about Cedar, the dog. Why no concern for Banana, the cat? Doesn't the cat's welfare matter as much as the dog's? I love both cats and dogs, and it disturbs me when one species seems to be disregarded in an emergency like this.
Great dog owner period, that was his best friend and was not going to lose him.
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