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Man makes dramatic rescue of dog trapped inside sinking car

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 14, 2012 | Comments (1)

dog was rescued from sinking car in river
A man heroically rescued a dog who was trapped in a sinking car. (Dog in photo not dog in story)

A man made a dramatic rescue of a dog trapped in his car, after the vehicle rolled into a river yesterday. The man, from the northern Swedish town of Hågestaön, had found the dog earlier, wandering without an owner in sight and picked him up to help him find his family.

The Good Samaritan drove to a local police station with the lost dog hoping authorities could help find the dog's owner. He left the dog inside his locked car while he went inside to speak with police. But, while inside the station, his car somehow rolled down the street and into the nearby Ångermanland river. 

Noticing that his car was in the river with the dog trapped inside, the man rushed out and dove after his sinking car. By sheer luck, the man had a work knife in his belt, as he was renovating his house. Using the knife, he managed to smash the car's window and free the distressed dog. Thankfully, the dog was able to swim safely back to land. 

However, the dog rescuer had injured his hand and was exhausted from the effort. Unable to swim back to shore, he screamed for help. Luckily, a police officer had followed after him when he ran out of the station and was able to swim out to the heroic man and saved him. "He held onto the car, but it drifted and then it sank. But a guy was there who saw what happened and jumped in to help him," the man's mother Margareta Larsson Wahlberg, told the newspaper Allehanda.

After a visit to the Sollefteå hospital, the man was released. And, the dog was happily reunited with his family. 


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Sat July 14 '12 This is such a WONDERFUL STORY!! The randomness of the whole series of events .... (I am not religious, but providence played such a big part in the whole tale) VANCOUVER BC CANADA
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