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Chihuahua trapped in hot minivan saved after man breaks window

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | July 09, 2012 | Comments (13)

Chihuahua was rescued from hot carTemperatures in Palm Springs had soared to 105 degrees when Michael Olah, who was shopping in Walmart, heard the pager system announce that a dog was trapped inside a parked minivan. The Palm Springs resident got upset and decided to act.

"I grumbled under my breath a bit because it's damn hot outside and has to be roasting inside that van," he said.

A group of people surrounded the van as Michael used a tool to shatter the van's window and save the Chihuahua.

Palm Springs Police Sgt. Mike Kovaleff confirmed Michael's story and said the incident serves as a reminder to pet owners that they should never leave dogs or cats in their vehicles. 

When the Chihuahua's owners learned Michael had saved their dog, they were relieved that he had broken the window. They told police the dog must have snuck into the car, as they were unaware he was in the vehicle. 


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Comments on this Article

My little guy is ALWAYS trying to go bye-bye with me. He's been known to sneak out of the door when I'm busy and he has definitely hopped into the car without me knowing it. He's a quiet little guy unless he's nervous, and he would have no reason to be if he were in the car. I can totally see this happening to me! In the fall and spring I'll leave him in the car when I run to the store for milk or something. During the summer, I only take him when I don't plan on getting out of the car, but he doesn't understand when I say "No Baby, I'm going to the store and I can't leave you in the car." I'll be more careful to make sure this doesn't happen. If this happened to my little guy, I'd pay someone a reward for saving him.
I have to say, I have a little chihuahua that sneaks out the door with me on occasion and hops in my car!! It is absolutely feasible that this little dog snuck in the car without the owners knowledge!! My dog is so sneaky she will hide in the back of the car just because she likes to go bye-bye so much. I absolutely believe the owner is telling the truth :o)
Biggest crock of bull I've ever heard, that the dog snuk into the van.....he sure knew how to get outta that one!
Bull doo, I have a chihuahua and there is no way he could slip into my SUV and not be noticed, van or SUV somebody is telling a lie. They need to be up on felony charges of animal abuse and endangering the life of an animal. NO EXCUSE!!!! There are no bad dogs just irresponsible human idiots for owners.
I have a chihuahua and i agree they r not quiet dogs at all.. But thank god someone saw it and saved him...
while i cant say if the owners are telling the truth or not- i do Have to say i have been halfway cross town when i discovered my Neighbors cat in MY car. I did NOT see it get in and it did not make any noise until a couple of miles down the road (i was also driving a van) - am just sayin.....
Insightful vehicle owner, well done Michael Olah, should do to check first before journey compete. I think so, it's a excuse, from the owner.
That's great, insightful vehicle owner, well done Michael Olah, should do to check first before journey compete.
Mon July 9 '12 Glad this baby was saved!! The owners, whatever you think of them.....& I'm not sure I think very well of them (being very nice)...... COULD HAVE made life hell for this GOOD SAMARITAN!!!!!He had several witnesses!!!!! Vancouver BC Canada
If that's the actual dog that was locked in the minivan, it sure doesn't look healthy does it? It looks emaciated or something.
What A Load Of Bollocks, They Didn't Know The Dog Was In The Van!!!, Of Course They Did!!, That Was To Try And Save Themselves From An Ear Bashing (Literally!) about The Dangers Of Leaving Animals In Cars. What Dumb Idiot Does This??, As The Owner Of A Chihuahua There Is NO WAY They Didn't Know Chi Chi's Are The Noisiest Dogs Around!!, Shame On You!!...Well Done To The Person That Broke The Window, I Would Of Done The Same...
As an owner of a chihuahua I can tell those dogs are not quiet and all over your face. There is no way the owners didn't know the dog was inside the car.
Wait a minute........you drive to WalMart and don't realize there is a dog in your car? Right.
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