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Boxer gets boxed on the nose by a seal (PHOTOS)

Dogart_thumb By Ellen | May 30, 2012 | Comments (6)

Boxer encounters seal in the sea

A white boxer dog had a one-in-a-million encounter, but lost his ball in the process. The dog got quite a surprise when he went into the sea to get his ball back. The dog was a few feet from shore on the coast of Scotland when a curious baby seal popped up to say 'hello'.

Boxer encounters seal in the sea

Lynne Morris was walking along the beach with her husband in Fife, Scotland last April, when she watched as the dog's owner played fetch with the boxer. Said Morris, "She threw the ball into the water and without hesitation the dog ran in. The ball landed near a seal and the dog was fascinated by the creature. Instead of reaching for his ball he began circling the seal. They were incredibly docile and it was wonderful to watch."

Boxer encounters seal in the sea

"I was shocked by how calm the dog was, he was quite big and if I'd seen him walking along the road I would've crossed to the other side of the street," said Morris. The dog was equally curious of the seal and went in for a sniff. That's when the seal pup slapped him on the nose with a flipper.

Boxer encounters seal in the sea

"The dog went right up to the pup for a sniff and he cheekily slapped him on the face with its flipper. He was stunned and didn't fancy going near his ball so just headed back to his owner," said Lynne of what the dog did after the slap.

Boxer encounters seal in the sea

Lynne suspects that perhaps the seal was one recently released back into the wild by an animal sanctuary nearby.

The Boxer had his one-of-a-kind encounter, but lost his ball in the process.

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Too cute!! Loved the story!!!
Such a precious story. Thank you so much for sharing. If people would just get along the animals know how too. Peggy W.
I ADORE this story and especially the pictures!
A great story and wonderful photos...thank you!
Ha! I'm convinced! whaddariot! ...never in my life... two puppies, really...
Strange encounters....just so sweet, love the look on the dog's face...like, WHAAAAT ???
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