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About Marley

Name: Marley
Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Color: Buff
Sex: F
Date Of Birth:
Description: She is a rescue, neglected and over bred by a backyard breeder. She came into our lives 3 years ago as a foster and stayed. Two years ago she had cancer from not being spayed and under went two surgeries and 6 treatments of chemo. She still has a lot of health issues from the years of neglect. We suspect that she might be hard of hearing, if not deaf in one ear. When we first started to foster her, she was this timid and skittish little thing. But over time she figured out that she was in her forever home. She learned how to be a dog by following her big brother and imitating what he did., everything from reading his pee-mail to barking at the mailman from the kitchen window. Her bestfriend and mine passed away April 24, 2012 from cancer, after he passed away she was lost, wandered the house looking for him but since then she has taken on some of his traits. For everything that she's been through, she has turned out to be an amazing dog.
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