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please help fund Thor's Adoption Fee's and behavioral classes!

Untitled_thumb By elizabeth mejias | March 16, 2016 | Comments (0)


My name is Elizabeth, I am a college student who was diagnosed anxiety and ptsd and suffers from horrible migraines. Many people with these conditions have service dogs to help with anxiety and ptsd. Currently I have a bearded dragon at my home which helps alleviate my anxiety. My parents have a dog named Marley who I credit my life. Sadly,I can't take my bearded dragon with me out of the house, especially since they have many temperature requirements as well as light requirements. 

I have tried medication but I have had bad reactions and side effects to the medications I have been prescribed. My doctor agrees this is the best step for me since I have tried multiple medications. 

I have found a a dog 2 hours away from me, unfortunately the fees to adopt are 
 $200, which I cannot afford along with other  large one-time expenses such as: crates, certification fees(http://media.wix.com/ugd/34a2c5_59324d5543cc451081b1d5d93f8b61bb.pdf)
, crate,  training classes, body leash, ect. I also would appreciate donations of these items if you would prefer to order them than donate money :https://amzn.com/w/2JH5UZYI9F55B

My financial situation has been difficult but I do have 2 part time jobs. I am a technical support agent as well as a marketing intern.  Due to me having two jobs I will be able to save up and buy the necessities for the dog. I just need help with the larger onetime cost purchases such as classes, I plan to enroll in classes with SIT (they are more costly but have a better doggy learning enviroment and training protocals )

I would also like to assure you that I plan to adopt a rescue dog, the dog I am currently inquiring about is a rescue dog located 2 hours from me.
If you could find it in your budget and heart to help me I would be so grateful. Thor, the dog I want to adopt has been working with a program called Epic where he is being trained by young men who got introuble with the law and is learning basic commands from them. He is doing really well in his class and I think would do a good transition into his classes I am going to enroll him in.  

Anyone who would like updates, please send me your email to elizabethmejias@siu.edu. I would love to send out cards to my backers with pictures of me and hopefully Thor-Moore( the dog listed above)

Read more at http://www.dogheirs.com/elizabethmejias/posts/7171-gofundme#CiaGJ2x1eTlmSiUo.99

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