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Name: napole
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My friend is a good woman, single mother of two who was convinced by others to buy Missy. i tried to talk her out of it and explain to her that her kids enthusiasm for a dog would wear off quickly and she would end up her dog. Well i was right. the dog she got after Missy is Tommy an adorable shitzu mix that is small and cuddly. Also easy to take care of. when she got Tommy she waned to keep them both. but two kids and tow dogs was to much also Missy would bolt at every chance and run out and straight across a nearby road that was a busy country road. she and her Daughter as well as Missy almost got ran over chasing her. When she decided to give up Missy she began to look for a new good home but i told her i wanted her. She now has moved back to Tampa and little Tommy loves to come and have weekend sleep overs with his sister and cousins and loves his uncle/daddy Robert to death. trust me im glad she didn't listen to me. she also paid over $900 dollars for Missy and gave her to me. trust me had earned it by being there for every time she moved. Her sister who talked her into Missy is the one i distrust she did the same twice impulse getting dogs and the were horrible neglected then one was dumped at the pound. From the story's my friend told me about having to buy them food and leaving them out in the cold i wished that i know there NY address because i would have called the ASPCA in a heart beat. there out of NY and dont mess around and have the money to prosecute. any way My friend is alright and has me to watch Tommy when ever she needs my help. Missy also still gets to see the kids when there hear.
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