Good Samaritans Rush to Stop Driver Dragging Dog Behind Car

A driver was horrified when he saw a car passing by with a dog being dragged behind it.

Johnny Cheng had stopped at an intersection on a street in Honolulu, Hawaii, when an SUV drove past him with a black and white dog attached by what looks like a leash to the car’s rear bumper.

He, and other Good Samaritans, sprung into action, the moment they saw the dog in danger.

Screenshot via YouTube

Cheng uploaded his car cam footage to YouTube and wrote, “I was waiting to turn at the stop sign [when] I saw the terrible scene.”

In it, you can see his car at a stop sign and the woman’s vehicle drives by dragging a dog behind her. He follows after her and is seen pulling to the side of the road.

The dog is seen getting up to his feet and the woman gets out of the car. A bystander sprints over to check on the dog before the video cuts out.

What is not seen in the video, but what Cheng wrote in the video’s description later is that he and other witnesses did everything in their power to alert the driver.

“I joined with two other cars [to] chase her try to stop her car,” Cheng wrote. “While chasing we kept pressing the horn to attract her attention. But she does not seem to hear at all.”

dog dragged behind car

Screenshot via YouTube

“Finally we stop her at the red light. She came out released the dog and put into the back seat drove off without saying anything.”

At the time, Cheng did not know if it was accidental or intentional, but while he was driving to catch up with the woman, he was on the phone calling 911.

He heard a few days later from the Honolulu Police Department that the driver drove her dog right away to the veterinarian, so it appears that this may have been accidental.

For Cheng, he says there’s a lesson in it for all dog lovers. “Do not tie your dog to your door handle or to the rear of your car because you may forget when you driving.”

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