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Putting Weight on a Senior Dog

Fuji_camera_057_thumb By San (Lois) Harrington | September 24, 2011 | Answers (3)

My soon-to-be-14-year-old golden retriever lost quite a bit of weight about a year ago.  The vet has checked her out several times and there seems to be nothing going on healthwise.  He said sometimes dogs, like humans, lose muscle mass as they they get old.  She seems otherwise healthy.  She has slowed down, but she is going to be 14!  We have switched her to Innova which seems to have helped firm up the stools and she has a bit more energy, but she still has not gained back the weight she lost.  She's not losing anymore, but just not gaining it back. 

Is there something else fairly affordable we can do to help her gain a few pounds back?

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That's good to hear that her blood test and overall health is all OK. Knowing that, and that she's not losing any more weight is re-assuring. If she was continuing to lose weight that would be concerning to me. I really should take my own advice and do more calisthenics myself! It's healthy for everyone (pets and people)!
Thanks, Ellen. The vet didn't actually give a diagnosis of muscle atrophy, just it was a possibility. She has pretty decent energy for her age, so he wasn't overly concerned. He ran a blood test and listened to her heart, etc. Said she was okay as far as those went. The people at Petfood Warehouse suggested Innova, which does seem to have helped a bit. We try to get her some exercise daily. Am going to try to get her a little more.
Does the vet think it's muscle atrophy then? From what I know of this, usually a extra protein in the food is one good idea. Is the food you switched to formulated for old dogs? Routine exercise is key too - daily walking :-) And maybe some physical therapy like swimming would be really good.
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