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Would you get a tattoo of your dog?

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | November 12, 2012 | Answers (14)

Dogs are family tattoos

Would you get a tattoo as a tribute to your dog? Many people choose to get tattoos as memorials in honor of their dogs. Others prefer to get tattoos of their dogs before they've passed on. While some like portraits of their dogs, others ink their dog's name or paw print as a celebration of the love they have for their best friends. Do you have a tattoo to honor your dog already?

If you have a tattoo inspired by your dog, send us a photo and the story behind your tattoo! You can sign up to become a member of DogHeirs and upload your photo here on DogHeirs.com and TAG the photos 'Dogs are family tattoos', OR upload the photos to the Dogs Are Family Facebook page or the DogHeirs Facebook page.

You can also email your photos directly to us under the Subject "Dogs are family tattoo tributes to our best friends" to team@dogheirs.com


Take a look at our collection of tattoo tributed from members of our community here: Dogs are family: Tattoo tributes to our best friends


Would you get a tattoo as a tribute to your dog?
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Answers To This Question

Yes,,, As my dogs are close to my heart..
I had my dog for 16 years and he died in 2012 I had it put on my leg ...I love me and miss him so much!
yes i would I got one on my leg!
i would like to do a back piece with every dog i have ever had, and update it as new dogs come into my life
I also have an arm that was almost torn off by a badly abused Lab(got me as I got out of my truck, no warning,no where to go) it is still healing but is filled with metal and a mess to look at. Once healing is complete I am going to a tattoo artist that specializes in tattooing scares for women and having a full sleeve done with many of my Boxers and rescued Pitbulls on it. And some words that have huge meaning to me.
Heck, I dont know about the tatoo, but when its time for me to go up to the spirit in the sky, my dogs urns with their ashes are coming with me...
I have my Maverick's paw tattooed on my back.. He had my back his whole life and I had his, now we are together until we see each other on the other side..
That is going to be my next tattoo..my beloved Pitbull Kato
I have 2teardrops on my left ankle for my wonderful pit Sister who was two when she was stolen. Its been 7years and I still cry (like now) when i talk about her.
I have one for baby girl, Sabrina.. And I have paw prints for others that have passed..
yes, already done
I have a tattoo of my 2 dogs, Stormy B. Naughty & Sadie Boo. I have loved many dogs in my lifetime, but Sadie, Stormy & I shared a strong bond. They never failed to make me laugh. I miss them both so much, but it is nice to look down at my arm and see them with me everyday. It is nice when I am out and people comment & ask questions about them.
day before her 5th birthday after months of not being right & me being ignored my Rosie was diagnosed with westie lung...vet said she would lead a full & normal life just a bit slower....6 weeks & 1 day later my RosieRoo was put to sleep...that was 6 months ago i still feel cheated robbed of the dog that i was to grow old with...miss her every day & roll on the day i get to go to Rainbow Bridge
Why Yes!, yes.... I already have and will continue to do so
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