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Bonded pair of magnificent Great Danes looking for new home after their human passed away (VIDEO)

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | June 01, 2014 | Comments (2)

Great Danes and bonded pair Sophie and Jasper are looking for a forever home

A beautiful pair of Great Danes are looking for a forever home after their loving guardian passed away in February of this year. The woman's brother took the bonded pair of dogs in, but unfortunately his family does not have the space necessary to give the dogs the home they need.

He wrote on the Sarasota Florida Craigslist:

"These are two of my favorite dogs, but life as warehouse dogs just is not working to well. Jasper the male is about 6 years old and Sophie his girlfriend is about 5. They are deeply in love and cannot be split up. Plus they are a cute couple."

Jasper and Sophie attended their guardian's funeral ceremony, and their calm and affectionate natures can be seen as they pay their respects alongside the family.

His family is looking for responsible owners who are familiar with the care and cost required to look after these large dogs. He writes:

"Serious new owners need lots of room, a love for big dogs, a good income level as care will average $75 per week (good food and normal vet visits) and time to enjoy these magnificent animals."

Here is a more detailed letter outlining what the family is looking for in potential adopters:

"Letter from my wife to interested parties:

Great Danes and bonded pair Sophie and Jasper are looking for a forever home"Thank you for your interest in Jasper & Sophie. They are still available for adoption. We are looking to find them a perfect home. Their owner passed away in February. They are about 150 pounds each. Jasper is about six, neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccines and flea & heartworm prevention. Sophie is about five, spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines and flea & heartworm prevention. They would love a large yard to romp and play, but also will need a large comfy couch to hang out on. They are very beautiful, obedient, giant babies. They are very bonded.

"Have you had Great Danes in the past (or present)? Do you have any other pets at home currently? They are good with other animals, but since they are so large, providing proper care is quite expensive. Just their flea and heartworm prevention is about $800 a year. When we do find their perfect adopter, we will require them to pay for six months worth of Trifexis, so we will at least know that this will be provided.

"Do you own your home? We want to make sure that the new adopter owns their home, since even if the current landlord agrees.....it is hard to find a new rental allowing 300 pounds of Great Danes.

Great Danes and bonded pair Sophie and Jasper are looking for a forever home"Do you have children? They do love children...but they are very big. In the house they are fairly calm, but when they play together they may not pay attention and knock over toddlers.

"Do you have a steady source of income? As mentioned above, it does cost quite a bit just to provide the basic medical care. They eat a lot (-: They are currently eating Nature's Recipe (No corn or Wheat). If given cheap dog food, they will have flaky skin. Currently they are both perfect, healthy & beautiful.

"This one may sound silly....but...is your car large enough to transport them to the doctor/park/etc.? Mine is not.

"These are just a few questions I will need answered in order to continue with the adoption process.

"If you are still interested. Please return my email. Include your phone number.

"Thank you again!"

Would you like to provide Sophie and Jasper a loving home?

To inquire about adopting Sophie and Jasper please refer to the family's Craigslist posting here and contact them directly through Craigslist (Sarasota, Florida).

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Think twice about using Trifexis on dogs. There's a whole Facebook page devoted to its dangers. Go to Does Trifexis kill Dogs? for more information.
It's always very sad when this happens. My fingers are crossed for Jasper and Sophie in the hopes that they find a good loving home where they can live out the remainder of their years together. They have already been through to much emotional trauma to be separated. To the family of Alisa, you have my condolences for your loss.
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