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Woman shares her beautiful tribute to the life she shared with her loving dog

Dogsarefamily_thumb By Dogs Are Family | March 06, 2014 | Comments (3)

Tori Bates with her son and dog Dixie

Tori Bates' 17-year-old dog Dixie passed away this week. Tori was 17 herself when she adopted Dixie who was just 6 months old at the time.  "I walked in and saw her and she saw me and did the whole body wag and it was just meant to be," Tori described to DogHeirs. "She was there with me through high school, college, grown-up life, marriage, and kids. Every major event in my life, Dixie was with me, half my life."

"We lived in 4 different states together and every high and low, she was there. My oldest son and I are devastated while my youngest just doesn't understand," Tori wrote of Dixie's passing. "We are determined though to remember her life and all the times we had together."

Dixie circa 2000
Dixie with Tori

Tori told DogHeirs, "She was there through every monumental moment of my life, always with love. I could not have asked for a better dog than Dixie."

Tori wrote this loving memorial letter for Dixie in celebration of her life.

Dear Dixie,

Thank you. Thank you for 17 years. Thank you for stealing my sandwiches and leaving your toys on my plate, for tearing things up unrepentantly, for running away and when you saw me following, speeding up and making me curse. Thank you for barking at boyfriends, for sleeping under my babies cribs and making anyone coming to them have to go through you. Thank you for all the times you let me grab you up and cry in your fur over boyfriends, missing family, and life. Thank you for being there every single step of the way for 17 years, for every major milestone. Thank you for big brown eyes and velvety ears and always wagging your tail when you saw me. Thank you for keeping my feet warm and for your pig noises when you'd give me doggy kisses and how carefully you always took treats. Thank you for making me always think of sunshine and green grass and the happiest moments of my life when I looked at you. I will never ever forget you and I will always love you and I cannot thank you enough for spending all these years with me and choosing me to be your human.



Rest in Peace, Dixie.

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Comments on this Article

Thank you Dixie, for sharing such a moving tribute to Tori. These wonderful animals can be attributed with such miraculous things in our lives. Years ago, I had a solid black Toy Poodle named DJ, I got from a pet store that had shipped him from store to store, and I had seen him at each of them, the manager told me this was his last chance and that he was to be shipped back to corporate the following day. BS or not, I wasn't going to take that chance and I bought him. Long story short, he spent the next 17 years teaching me how to love and accept unconditional love. I had spent my life in foster care and never really knew what love meant until then. DJ was such a wonderful little creature, never a problem, only love and joy. He lived until he was 18 and I finally had to put him down because his quality of life had diminished to nothing. He would have done that for me.
auwww this is awesome........so beautiful made me cry as i also have lost my Angel girl Jack Russell....Jacky <3
They truly are such a gift to our lives. They ground us and remind us of those simple little things in life that make our lives so much more beautiful. In the end they leave us with so many beautiful memories that make us realize what a gift it was that they shared their lives with us. All we can do is honor their memory by being more loving people and learning to love again. We miss them like we would miss any family member because dogs truly are family.
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